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THIS month’s comment is, I am afraid, a shameless plug for Britannia—the UK’s only purist medal fair held twice a year at the Victory Solutions Club, Seymour Street, London, and with the next a single coming up on Sunday, March 17, what better time to plug it than the March problem?

Now, several of you will know about the fair, many of you will have been attending for years and nonetheless a lot more of you will have come along to your 1st one in far more current times given that we took it more than and truly started pushing it. These of you who have been attending for years will don’t forget what it was like “back in the day”, and you will also bear in mind what it was like not so long ago when the net and on-line auction web sites made everyone a “dealer” and attendance at fairs started to dwindle. It is no exaggeration when I say that at a standard Britannia fair much less than a decade ago there had been instances when there had been more dealers than there have been clients. Fortunately these days are gone, and not just simply because we came along and took more than the show but rather because there has been something of a modify in attitude not too long ago.

We only took more than the show due to the fact the preceding organisers decided it was time to get in touch with it a day and we realised that with Britannia’s demise there would be no purist medal show, open to all, anywhere in the nation (there are some wonderful fairs, held across the UK on just about each and every weekend but none are pure medals and of course the OMRS Convention is not a medal fair in the strictest sense and is actually for OMRS members only not the general public) and so it was the logical issue for MEDAL NEWS to come to the rescue. We didn’t do it as a money-producing venture and we didn’t do it to attempt to expand our business empire. We took it more than purely because we realised some thing really important—that the medal collecting neighborhood is specifically that, a suitable neighborhood of like-minded men and women, and those men and women required someplace to get with each other. The rise of on-line trading, no matter whether by means of dealers’ web sites or auctions, as nicely as the world wide web forums has meant that medal collecting has reached a wider audience, and that is exceptional news. But as I have said many instances prior to, the net is a poor substitute for true human interaction. Undoubtedly those who live in the far flung corners of the globe and who merely have no one around them who has a related interest uncover on-line chat invaluable—and so it is, bringing collectively people from all walks of life who can share their passion and permitting them to share their information with every other in a way simply not achievable just a handful of years ago. But such on-line chat can’t, and really must not, take the location of suitable one-to-1 communication, and surely on-line trading can in no way be a correct substitute for really handling medals, feeling the weight of them, studying the naming and receiving a “feel” for what is appropriate and what is not.

Now I am in no way attempting to play down the significance of the web in this day and age, several of us have come to this hobby purely since of the research prospective the web offers, and I genuinely do feel it adds a tremendous amount to our hobby, but rather I am trying to encourage these of you who collect purely “from a distance” to turn into a small much more hands on. Come to Britannia on Sunday, March 17 (or Stratford or Camden the week ahead of), join your local OMRS Branch or medal club (all specifics of Societies and fairs can be discovered every month in the back of MEDAL NEWS—and if there isn’t anything local to you why not consider about organising 1 your self? We’ll market it . . .) and truly get involved. Talk to people, deal with medals (if you start performing it the other way round you’ll be in problems) and soon you’ll realise that while armchair collecting has its merits, it is no substitute for in fact obtaining out there. Far more and more people are realising this these days. Much more and a lot more collectors are getting fed up with being isolated behind their laptop screens or smartphones and while they realise the globe will in no way be like it was before the net, they no longer want to rely solely on the on-line planet for their collecting and are remembering what it was like to really get out there in the thick of it. And they are remembering it was a lot of enjoyable. So with that in thoughts I will see you all on the 17th at the Carisbrooke Hall, Victory Service Club, Seymour Street, London from 9.30am to two.00pm!
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