making a silver bar (step by step) | Silver Coins

making a silver bar (step by step)

this video is how to find scrap silver ware at goodwill,flea market, antique stores, pawn shops, etc and melt down into bars\ingots stamp,sand,tumble, and po…

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25 Responses to making a silver bar (step by step)

  1. xcx273 says:

    what kind of torch head d you need on a propane canister to melt silver? are there any cheaper ones that will do it or are they all like 50-60 dollars?

  2. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    Also if the wood trucks aren’t working for you or making small wood molds with craft wood Dowels, try ordering Delft Clay, you can make not only bars but any other thing you can push into this clay, coins,rings, heck if you want a silver R2D2 figure push it into this clay pull out and pour the molton silver into the cavity

  3. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    For all who have viewed this, thanks for your comments good and bad, I love when people think it’s my moms basement, it is my house and yes I didn’t do a lot of safety stuff because I rushed to keep video short but I do wear gloves and goggles, and do in my shed at a bench spring-fall

  4. icomrum2004 says:

    You can Actually Use Wood Molds so it’s not bad, usually they cure them though

  5. DuelistsGuild says:

    If you are actually paying attention it’s not too dangerous…

  6. kairoberts23 says:

    shut up

  7. Makeyourowngoldbars says:

    Great job making that bar, I know how hard it is

  8. Poppy Slappy says:

    Wooden truck?? Your crazy

  9. Vinnie M says:

    Very good and informational video thank you !

  10. okuminingcommunitygr says:

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  11. SavingYTPs says:

    i have everything i need to do this, except that torch head, what is it?

  12. vespabones says:

    Some one needs A LOT more parental supervision. This is scary on soooo many levels. You need to learn some safety skill and proper techniques. 

  13. MuZicTr4cKzMiXiN says:

    lol, you probably dont know what safety is. Its like you grab the bar and ask is it hot enough yet? xD

  14. Jóhannes Björn says:

    no they are not my fine fellow… if he waits for a couple of years with those bars or ingots the money people will pay will be a much larger amount

  15. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    To answer some questions, the stuff I said during loud torch I wrote below in comments, the trucks are hard to find so now I just buy craft 4sided Dowels and cut them up and wood glue to flat piece of wood, I sell on EBay and yes scrap silver is harder to find now a days EVERYONE is collecting!! But fleamarkete, auctions, antiques stores keep looking, also just ask other gold and silver shops for spare sterling for sale

  16. ReiMonCoH says:

    Ha ha.. Kid, you should spend the $20 and get a granite mold. Good job though.

  17. Michael Love says:

    You should really consider the .925 Silver Coins, that is what the majority of our CANADIAN Silver coins are made from. I did like your video, and the finished product is very good. I have the crucibles and the Silver, I need to make some interesting wood moulds now. I like the truck idea. Very cool.

  18. Zach Galuski says:

    are you able to sale the homemade ingots and where do you sale them?

  19. megadeathgts says:

    can’t hear a word your saying when melting

  20. billyearl18 says:

    Do you sell them

  21. WorldOfHumanWreckage says:

    cant find the trucks anywhere. is there abrand/company/sku, anythign to search for them?

  22. WorldOfHumanWreckage says:

    o btw, the truck trick is GENIUS!!!!

  23. WorldOfHumanWreckage says:

    ever try the blue propane? how does that work?

  24. SAIDsoe says:

    Interesting ever sell them? Is it .999?

  25. Silver Stackz says:

    Nice love them bars!

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