Silver coins everywhere! Beach cut Bonanza 3, The 100 year old beach. #40.avi | Silver Coins

Silver coins everywhere! Beach cut Bonanza 3, The 100 year old beach. #40.avi

Mark and I spent 20 hours over 5 day hunting this virginal beach, We recovered over 200 silver coins, 8 gold rings, dozens of silver items and some cool arti…
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25 Responses to Silver coins everywhere! Beach cut Bonanza 3, The 100 year old beach. #40.avi

  1. Duster Dan says:

    I don’t so much believe that was virgin beach as much as I believe that God made that beach cut with a storm. God obviously does this for many reasons, one of which was to give you guys access to hunt the good stuff. Then, when He decided you recovered enough, He filled it back in with the currents for another day. God is so good to you because He does all that He pleases, in the heavens & on earth, regardless of whether you believe He did this for you or not. I hope you see that much at least.

  2. Wysiwyg101 says:

    So, you just walk out into the water with the metal detectors and they don’t short out?

  3. rollinstoned0 says:

    What is the total weight of silver and gold you guys have found? or the most valuable ring?

  4. DignupTexas says:

    WOW, just WOW! What did you mean when you said that you were going to “tumble it”.?

  5. rednecklowlife says:

    Unreal! Very cool! Living the dream!

  6. shavnore says:

    Im looking to get an excalibur, but afraid of spending that much money. Was the investment worth it? have you paid off the machine with your finds? lol

  7. thomas101834 says:

    Awesome finds. It took me a minute to realise the background noise was your detectors. Lol,it sounds like you’re in the middle of New Deleih,lol

  8. anthony ferraro says:

    Dam u guys r killing it in GOLD AND SILVER! there’s gonna be nothing left for all of us salivating watching these videos well I must say i am jealous.u guys r the shit.

  9. 2ooser says:

    I love your videos. I to live in Chicago and have lots of old parks by me. I just bought the Garrett Ace 250 and hoping to find some old silver coins. I also did some research and found some old house from the 1860’s to go detecting. Just can’t wait for the weather to warm up. I’ll be posting some videos when I go.

  10. chicagoron61 says:

    Yes they are pippersmitty.

  11. chicagoron61 says:

    Thanks Jackie.We are using the Minelab Excaliber II, Great water machine. I also have a 705 gold package, I use it quite a lot, land, beach and for gold in Alaska. Useing it right now down south looking for relics. Good Luck on your next outing.

  12. jackie smith says:

    wow amazing , what machines are you guys using there , id love to find an indian head here in uk i doubt it lol ,i have the same hat as Mark ha , i have the 705 wonder if its any good for the beach? btw im the one who my dad sang you a ditty song new year on his banjo lol

  13. Ruckus Piper says:

    I have never seen so many rings every time you go out and get at least three or four rings

  14. Ruckus Piper says:

    Are these all Chicago beaches you’re at Ron ?

  15. Stephen DuPont Sr. says:

    I really enjoyed your video and the great finds. I’m itching to buy a metal detector soon and I will clean the coins and sell them at a locked shelf at a local antique mall. Yes I will place a sign in the shelf that the coins were cleaned. Rings and diamonds etc. I will take to a pawn shop. If theirs markings in the rings I will attempt to find the owner. Thanks again for sharing your video. I’m 56 yrs. old & I’ve picked up coins & cash since I could walk with my greatest find a 1782 bar cent.

  16. Robert Beaudoin says:



  17. VideoVerifying says:

    how long did it take before you earned your detector back?

  18. chicagoron61 says:

    I don’t normally sell stuff. I have sold scrap gold to a local jeweler that I know

  19. dave braba says:

    that dont answer the question

  20. Marldain says:

    6:00 whale song

  21. midwaynights says:

    i thought you can find treasure in oceans but never thought about beaches

  22. RavenSeventy8 says:


  23. TOKAMEEL says:

    I use a DRY, stiff, old toothbrush on the coins I find. If you can identify them as a RARE coin, ask a coin dealer or two before doing damage. Good Luck!

  24. Tom Lofgren says:

    I have the redbook. Very interesting and educational As far as cleaning coins – is a light toothbrushing ok? Or do u just kind of dab them with water and thats it?

  25. muffdiver16 says:

    you look like billy bob thorton

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