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Silver Slave Queen Coins SBSS

Here is the third installment the “Slave Queen” to a wonderful series of coins Chris Duane from SBSS is putting out along with his team. Prior to this you ha…

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25 Responses to Silver Slave Queen Coins SBSS

  1. KaraboudjanTimes says:

    You don’t have them yet as they need YOUR money first to make them(they do NOT exist when you pay). Thats how they make FIAT (hey, its America right, good for them).They are business people exploiting niche market,and in a volatile market like silver you cannot spend thousands and thousands in advance with no sales at the mercy of the spot price. YOU, the customer, will take that risk (nothing wrong with that, its clever).If you run a business you’ll understand, if your a consumer, then pay up.

  2. KaraboudjanTimes says:

    Whatever your political opinions, you have to understand, these are NOT “coins”, they are rounds,in the numismatic market “novelty” value at best. If your buying these ‘cos you like the design,get a poster. If your buying these for protection in currency crisis your wasting money, these will retain melt value only. To be protected you need the US Eagle,The Queens Head, recognized globally city to deepest jungle, you’ll be at the front of the gas line with these, those will be mass recognized

  3. Stefan Poulin says:

    Nice Set of Coins!

  4. marvelousmarv89 says:

    they have horrible and even worst shipping time. i would stop supporting them but i feel i’m in too deep with the series of coins. i just hope they improve their service soon.

  5. Einsilverguy says:

    Glad to know someone is getting their rounds. I ordered over a month ago and still haven’t received my order. I would not recommend buying these unless you are willing to wait over a month.Not impressed with their service and I bought 6 of the death head as well. That took over 3 weeks

  6. javamanV3 says:

    The instant i saw the freedom girl i ordered 3! The long wait is tough to take. But i have the D&D and the Trivium in hand and they are cool! I guess I can wait another week before i flip out.

  7. javamanV3 says:

    There is only one person that needs to be satisfied here, and that is you! Opinions are like … well you know. Your is the only one that counts in this case.

  8. javamanV3 says:

    Wow – I think your last sentence says it all.

  9. UtubeAdminSucksAss says:

    Nice coins.

  10. marvelousmarv89 says:

    hopefully more people continue to recognize SBSS’s efforts and they continue to progress with their service and quality. Thank you

  11. tod jones says:

    Great job on buying a coin that’s outside the “system”! If you’re going to go with quality of quantity, taking your money out of the “system” in this manner is the best way!

    Keep on stacking!

  12. silverexplosion says:

    Dude, the first coin is worth near $100, and it only cost $34 or so….man thats what you call makin the money! I bought a hundred of the Debt and Death…200% profit…how can’t you like that…and they look so cool too.

  13. silverexplosion says:

    Slave Queens rule! I have coming tomorrow so the Tracking USPS says. Can wait to get em. I’m buying all his coins when they come out…money in the bank!

  14. marvelousmarv89 says:

    Thank you Golf Maple

  15. marvelousmarv89 says:

    i guess its just a matter of opinion. im not into rounds myself, but i appreciate his message and now that he is producing a unique item, thats something I can support. each round is released for a limited time so they become an instant collectors item and acquire a quick premium. im jumping on this at the bottom and as their service and quality continues to get better, i’m sure more people will become aware and these will be a bigger hit than they already are. Thank you for your comment GM

  16. gold maple says:

    I like your video marvelousmarv89, but I hate the rounds. I would never buy them.

  17. gold maple says:

    No offense to anyone but what an ugly round. In fact all the silver bullet silver shield rounds that chris duane and co. came up with are ugly. It is just all a money making racket. I think I will just stick with regular silver bullion like Maple Leafs, Eagles etc. They are much prettier, have a monetary value stamped on them together with 1oz 999 or 9999, and are made by a government mint. I hate privately minted rounds.

  18. lanceoa says:

    not too shabby looking, hope to get mine for inspection soon. thx for the vid

  19. hotneo7 says:

    I’ve only paid a high premium for coins, but rounds has to be on the cheap since it’s not from a sovereign mint and has no face value. I want to put most of my money on silver and not on premiums. While silver spot is below $40, time to take advantage. The shipping is higher than what I am comfortable with. Are you going to flip SBSS set to dealer for profit?

  20. marvelousmarv89 says:

    premium is not too bad, just $2.99 over spot. the only thing that kills it is the sipping cost. but freedom girl is beautiful coin and im looking for ward to getting mine in, thanks.

  21. hotneo7 says:

    Wanted to get the SBSS Freedom Girl but the premium is too high and worse, they take too long to deliver which makes me nervous. Lucky you got some.

  22. marvelousmarv89 says:

    i think so, especially if you’re looking to own the whole series of coins to come.

  23. Silver Stack says:

    i think it because the uk have to add 20% +premium making the silver coins very hard to sell

    silver very expensive over ere

  24. marvelousmarv89 says:

    chris duane said that he’s surprised that coin dealers in other countries haven’t attempted to sell a line of coins thats doing so well. he said to make a request at your local coin dealer and they should listen since you are the customer. by the time this series is done, this is going to be a beautiful set to own, good luck

  25. Silver Stack says:

    Wish I could get them in the uk 🙁

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