U.S. Mint Sets A Record For Sales Of American Eagle Silver Coins In January 2013!! | Silver Coins

U.S. Mint Sets A Record For Sales Of American Eagle Silver Coins In January 2013!!

Sales of American Eagle silver coins by the U.S. Mint jumped to a record this month on increased demand for an alternative to currencies as the Federal Reser…

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21 Responses to U.S. Mint Sets A Record For Sales Of American Eagle Silver Coins In January 2013!!

  1. silver john says:

    can you imagine 1 million people bought 10-20 usa eagle every month lollllll

  2. JPMorganSuckBalls says:

    go back to sleep sheep!

  3. Free man says:

    silver will go back down to $25

  4. deanmat says:

    US mint is great for coin sales.  Silver institute and USGS are good for over all silver picture.

  5. deanmat says:

    The eagles are much more durable because of that other added metal. I was actually upset when I dropped a maple and it made a little dent on the edge. But, I like the idea of pure silver

  6. deanmat says:

    19housecat, what you are hearing with the Canadian maples is the sound of real silver (.9999). The eagles have a bit of another metal in them, which is why they look different, feel different, and are slightly different sizes even. Maples are pure silver. The downside is if you drop one, it might actually slightly dent the side.

  7. deanmat says:

    Drutter, if we can’t trust the silver institute, then why would we trust the US mint that gives out the silver eagles numbers?


    print a trillion paper nothings…….

  9. drutter says:

    What’s so hard to understand about “record demand”? People seem to be brushing it off like it’s nothing, simply because we broke records in the past as well. But breaking records isn’t something that can be ignored. It has a cause, and it will have an effect.

  10. drutter says:

    Yeah the ping sound of silver depends on the way it is minted. Maples don’t ping well due to their thickness and the way the silver is formed into the coin. Silver with some copper in it (like 80% or 90% silver) often pings a lot better than pure silver, and thinner coins ping better than thicker ones.

  11. 19housecat85 says:

    got my first silver maple other day, they dont sound nice wen you ‘ting’ them, only other coin i had from the royal canadian mint was a cougar and wasnt impressed wit it for the same reason, like the sound off the eagles and like the ‘sbss’ coins cause of the message behind them, very clever pics on them. just keep stacking fello stackers

  12. deanmat says:

    Does this matter? 2011 also had an all time high for jan. also, coins make up what?–10% or 15% of silver usage?  If coin demand doubled for a YEAR or tripled, that would definitely affect price. Does this?

  13. MoneyBags73 says:

    Thanks for stopping by and vomiting on the web page!

  14. kcrone1 says:

    You say two years in the crapper, I say two years of consolidation!!

  15. RecoverRingJunkKeys Puget Sound Money Hound says:

    I just watched Bix Weir’s R2R webpage videos and the CNBC interview with the blonde JPMorgan Chase rep was LAUGHABLE when she started lying about how the commodity market worked and how JPMorgan wants more regs and how bloggers are wrong and how it all makes sense. US MINT = NO SILVER price of silver right now 30JAN2013 @ 0510 PST = $31.23 down $.09 WTF!?!?!?! Supply and Demand OUT THE FREAKING WINDOW! Free Market? Fuhgehtabowddit. HighFreqTradeTyrants? Yes, Absolutely! STACKitUP!! …..

  16. EndTheFed2011 says:

    Metals Mania is about to really kick off

  17. Joe Smith says:

    Keep on stacking.

  18. Spokoze says:

    Whew! You drive fast!!

  19. MrUseur says:

    Watch out theses liars at the FED when tonight they will come out with their meeting statement probably indicating that they are thinking about tightening money supply later this year. That’s all they can: Lying.and bluffing people.

  20. bruno188home says:

    no it’s a record amount sold this January, how can that be every Jan.

  21. Vincent Troy says:

    so what. happens every jan. billions of prior years available for purchase. silver nearly 2 years in the crapper. going much lower.

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