U.S. Silver Coins & Australian Silver Coins Compared: Thanks to Farenheit1100! | Silver Coins

U.S. Silver Coins & Australian Silver Coins Compared: Thanks to Farenheit1100!

We received a fabulous gift of U.S. coins historically connected to the Second World War from Farenheit1100 (Hugh), and since we were curious to compare U.S….
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25 Responses to U.S. Silver Coins & Australian Silver Coins Compared: Thanks to Farenheit1100!

  1. dontmesswithsqacky says:

    0:22 the back round looks gorgeous.

  2. razzorbladz says:

    my first vid /watch?v=LB8SJ3SzwT4&feature=plcp

  3. TechHelpMacRemake says:

    Well I try to keep my silver secured for that specific reason. During in roman times, a silver denarius (similar size to a 6 pence) had the value to buy everything a man needed for him and his family for a day. It wasent luxury, but it is theoretically worth like a days of work (watch?v=sncQcIHN2Ng)

  4. razzorbladz says:

    28kg would be better hehe re: china melting down their gold into 1kg bars to begin a new gold backed trade currency……..and replace the $US as it was bit by bit,and advising their people to buy gold and silver…..they are up to something and faced with the option most people will take real money over fake green backs i know i would

  5. TechHelpMacRemake says:

    Dont worry I have over 2.8 kg of silver in lock down. When I trade with people I trade for a fair market price while also trying to match the precious metal.

  6. razzorbladz says:

    i have a friend who is a coin dealer i should give him your details as i know he was begging me for my american eagles the other day perhaps you 2 could make some interesting trade together although i would suggest putting all your silver in lockdown the us economy looks about to take a dive as for round 50c id like to trade for some silver dollars but i have no idea what they are woth so im off to ebay to do some research

  7. TechHelpMacRemake says:

    And oh, some US coins too such as the 1964 half dollar is also an option.

  8. TechHelpMacRemake says:

    The problem is, most of the coins I have actually have a pretty huge numismatic premium, any where from 10 dollars to thousands of dollars. For example I have a 1928 peace dollar in EXF condition worth about 2980 dollars above bullion value. I normally trade in terms of numismatic value so prices are compared in terms of grading and mintage. I have the UK half crown coins which a good half are worth 10-15 dollars above spot (about 110 of these) so those could be an option.

  9. razzorbladz says:

    1 round 50c is 13.28g at 80% pure 10.624g pure x3 coins is 31.872g pure close enough to the troy ounce to swap oz for oz pure ive always likes the old us silver dollar buy they are worth a fair bit over bullion i do believe where as the 50c may only attract up too $5 premium per coin that said they seem to be getting harder to find these days as paranoia about another crash is out there it makes them prime bullion

  10. TechHelpMacRemake says:

    Alright, yeah sure i’m interested in 50 cent pieces. I have several silver variants, as low as 30 percent (5 cent war nickel USA) to as high as 100 percent (most being either 50 or 90) coins. I am certified as a reputable collector so ill inbox you with the website and certificate links.

  11. razzorbladz says:

    ebay australia and do it fast the round 50c will sky rocket if silver keeps going up the way it is

  12. razzorbladz says:

    i have some australian silver i may wish to trade if you like,i have a few of the 80% round 50c in my collection id think about parting with too

  13. okpapereat says:

    I like European silver coins, got some finnish and swedish coins

  14. Ymmijfeed says:

    great video NQ full of info I learnt something new too cheers mate thanks for posting GL&HH Jimmy

  15. TechHelpMacRemake says:

    great coins, always wanted silver from Australia, normally I trade coins (such as silver) on my website If you do trade, I have silver from various countries (many from the UK) so inbox me. 🙂

  16. gfdigger says:

    Another very interesting educational video NQexplorers.  Nice close up shots of the US coins compared to our early English and Aussie coins. Love those 50c pieces and didn’t know they only minted them for the one year 1966 and they’re 80% silver….! Also extremely interesting the gothic English florin; gotta put that on my ‘to find’ list along with the 50c, as yet unfound. Great commentary and info. Cheers gfdigger

  17. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching Bluenoser, much appreciated my friend. GL and HH!

  18. leslie sarkany says:

    From the land of the Bluenose…..intresting and educational vid which I enjoyed me bouy!

  19. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching Iz, glad you found it of interest – enjoying your latest adventures mate, keep posting! GL and HH.

  20. Izman65 says:

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. It was interesting to see how the coins compared. HH

  21. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks RobSue, glad you found the comparison if interest. GL and HH.

  22. robsue says:

    Thanks for the informative video NQ.

  23. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching GemQ, Hugh is a real gentleman alright, some pretty special items he sent us there, and we appreciate it – HH mate.

  24. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching Fishercz20, we filmed it just after sunrise so lots of birds about – rainforest in the back yard and plenty of birds. GL and HH mate.

  25. NQExplorers says:

    Thanks for watching Pete, these are the first US coins we have seen so we were really interested in the comparison. HH mate.

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