1Kg 2011 Australian Kookaburra Silver coin by perth mint.mpg | Silver Coins

1Kg 2011 Australian Kookaburra Silver coin by perth mint.mpg

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23 Responses to 1Kg 2011 Australian Kookaburra Silver coin by perth mint.mpg

  1. vertitis says:

    Are you the Microsoft support that rang me? 😛

  2. silver john says:

    if 2 million people/familys bought 250 oz per year silver would hit 1-10 with gold in a few years if gold is buy then at $5000 then silver should be at $500

  3. Cecil Marandi says:

    indian :D..

  4. EnlitendPatriot says:

    Just bought one of these lovely coins on Ebay in UK for US $1250 which seller’s receipt shows he paid $1400 for. I was really after the lunar dragon version but am very happy with this for a long term investment. I am glad I got a good deal against what the seller paid in 2011, sorry he made a loss, glad to pay less than dealer prices (20% VAT to add for UK), hoping I also don’t make a loss. Silver Eagles, Philharmonics, Maples, Britannias, I love ’em all.
    Its a kitchen w/top, not floor tomisnt.

  5. Cosmo Ray says:

    That is a coin a Mama can be proud of !

  6. tomisnt says:

    Is that a bathroom floor you are filming on a bathroom floor? That coin is unclean now!

  7. mikedoles says:

    great coin, great vid, i can see what the thumbs down are for now haha the music

  8. millyionnnn says:

    that is a beautiful coin !

  9. ChrisGranger says:

    I’m not sure how much BeaSilverSmart paid, but right now, 1kg coins made of silver would cost around $1000 to $1100.

  10. ChrisGranger says:

    Now THAT is a coin!

  11. silver john says:


  12. Smart1Vidz says:

    hey great video can you check out my videos

  13. silver john says:

    his indian look at the red bracelet on hand

  14. SantaFluke says:

    man, the ring shines!

  15. emelendezlobaton says:

    hi ! and How much that coin?

  16. TWSkeptic says:

    It’s the “thank you , come again” guy!!

  17. THOMAS DRELICH says:

    lame music

  18. Chai Anich says:

    THUMBS UP if you like freshies!

  19. THERollyboy123able says:

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  20. Silverstack3r says:

    lol I think I like the ring on your pointy finger better than the kilo coin

  21. stillgettingolder says:

    BBB is just a club… an association if you will that all, it means nothing in the end.
    if a company who has paid his fee and screws a buyer the seller can say take a hike I dont need you.
    do some research because its a scam

  22. david velasquez says:

    @silverbullionair lol hiXD

  23. SuperSilverdream says:

    Great collection! Please check out my video as well. All the best!

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