Silver Collection 2011 – Bullion Bars Coins Jewelry – Stacking For The Future | Silver Coins

Silver Collection 2011 – Bullion Bars Coins Jewelry – Stacking For The Future

I’ve been collecting silver for about 6 months. My collection ranges from 50% coins up to 99.99% silver maples. I’ve also purchased a lot of sterling silver …
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24 Responses to Silver Collection 2011 – Bullion Bars Coins Jewelry – Stacking For The Future

  1. shane Echuveria says:

    I took about an oz of silver jewelry to my jewelry store to cash in for some much needed bucks and was told. “this is garbage, do you have any gold? I was shocked.

  2. SilverTurtle65 says:

    I like your style, Silver it’s all good stuff, I just started in December and been buying more now that it’s down.

  3. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Great stack bro.

  4. Brossan Svensson says:

    I started to collect for half year ago, and i buy swedish silvercoins 0.4/0.6/0.8 for spotprice. I like to buy sterlingsilver to 🙂 

  5. illwillification says:

    Interesting man! I just started collecting silver jewelry

  6. strattuner says:

    i know it’s going to go higher,who cares as long as i’m not holding a fist full of cash when it happens,this is an exchange event trying to hold enough for normal expenditures,i know people who have 12 inch stacks of c notes,and they will enter incredible depression when it crashes,no one can tell them different either,they still believe it will hold it value

  7. djnamelessmix says:

    Was able to find a melter for scrap sterling who exchanged bullion. I’d rather have coins than broken jewelery.

  8. TheMkarr says:

    That eagle bracelet is a little hard to look at. But I am sure some like it. Never clean your silver. It will destroy the value of coins especially.

  9. Astrul7 says:

    I checked out this picture because I eventually got genuinely anxious about the economy and had no idea what direction to go. Dollars does not mean a single thing nowadays. Thus I thought I would conduct some groundwork and found Goldiverse. I’m so lucky, I can easily switch my money from cash to several currencies, to any precious metal whenever I like. The governing administration can go and take a jump for all I care. Just Google and bing it Goldiverse.

  10. wavepattern says:

    Nice…..keep stacking

  11. silvercryer2000 says:

    Hey mate, would u consider selling the large iron cross style pendant at all? Cheers ad

  12. marvelousmarv89 says:

    subscribe, comment and like CollectingSilver Channel to enter his silver and gold giveaway. hes a really cool guy. hes giving away 6 oz’s of gold and 40 oz’s in total to several lucky winners. he needs 1000 subscribers, just search for his video title “biggest giveaway in youtube history silver and gold”… like this comment so everyone can see.

  13. jonrms says:

    well if your ever looking into selling the chains etc, I am in England UK and I have been collecting silver and gold for a while along with other metals, Right now I can give you details that america and canada are going mad over. Its another precious metal and you wont have to pay sales tax unlike us!!! ahhh. PS I am from America but moved over here since. Anway email me

  14. Stillwater900 says:

    99.9999% of all silver jewelry is sterling. Pure silver is too soft, it will scratch and dent and wear out very rapidly, no serious company uses it. I don’t know where you got it, but in 10 years of gold/silver hunting and being in the jewelry business, I’ve only seen it maybe 2-3 times.

    The original point was though, that guy was trying to imply that I was buying low fineness silver or something, “8 karat” which would be 1/3rd silver. It was cute that he said “karat silver.” Lol

  15. johnaldridge740 says:

    all silver jewlrey isnt 925 i agree most is but i am wearing a pure .999 fine silver necklace right now so i know for a fact they make them, and i have other pure silver jewlrey. , just wanted to let you know it isnt all 925

  16. johnaldridge740 says:

    if you pla your cards right you can get coins at spot price too, i use one old trick where i go to a couple pawn shops out here wher ei know the owner and when he gets american eagle coins or silver us coins he saves them and i pay him 2 dollars more then he would get at his melt price, so if silve ris 35 per ounce i would pay him 33 acutally because thats what he got at a smelter, so its all about looking for the bargins but i say collect all things silver even 925 junk jewlrey, its all gd

  17. johnaldridge740 says:

    the only ( bullion ) i buy i samerican eagle 1 oz bullion coins because they are guarnteed by the gov as to purity and weight , so they retain their resale value better then other bullion products, i also have some englehard 10 oz bars because again as bullion it retains the same value as coinage but ppl who buy apmex or scottsdale, silver or a host of other ( generic ) bullion are getting ripped off , they usually loose 2 to 4 dollars per ounce for it being off brand bullion,

  18. Stillwater900 says:

    I’m actually in the jewelry business on top of being a gold hound, I’ve handled thousands of pieces of jewelry, spanning the last 3 centures in age, so I’ve got a pretty damn good eye. You’re right, that Victorian rolled gold will trick you, but you can usually find a spot where the brass is showing through on a piece that old.

    People tell me all the time that I can’t possibly tell it just from the look, but you’d be really surprised. I’ve just seen SOOO much jewelry in my life

  19. Stillwater900 says:

    First of all, there is no karat silver, thats just with gold. All silver jewelry is 92.5% silver, its called sterling, thats the standard. All of it.

    I don’t buy jewelry from RETAIL stores dude, from estate sales and thrift stores. I bought $275 worth of 14k gold yesterday for about 10 bucks. I’ve got around ten POUNDS of 92.5% silver, around 5 or $6,000, that I paid under 500 bucks for in total.

    (Your retail prices are way off, sterling rings rarely go over 20 or 30 bucks.. Not that I pay it)

  20. BusyBeeCompany says:

    gold but i never take it for granted..the weight can be adjusted, they can place iron bars into less then solid silver bars to increase the weight.

    A simple set of tests finds weight to volume, VDI from md units, test acids, also checking weight against other exact coins/rings helps.

    Thats why i tend to but wedding rings..the stones arnt there to get in the way of measuring the weight to way..not suggesting your way…you can dangle a wand over yours…just explaining me

  21. BusyBeeCompany says:

    That gold can be thick plated, ive had my mother buy one peice once at an auction and sold it quickly to a guy who then tried to get his money back when it turned out to not be 100% gold but a 20% plate over with the karat stamp place on it.

    I stated what i do..i also have rolled gold that looks identicle to gold..have had so called 14k gold lots arrive to my house and found under the loop that i could infact flake the gold off one of the rings so sent it back.

    I have yellow, mild and white

  22. Stillwater900 says:

    In a SHTF scenario, lets be honest, no one is going to be trading precious metals, thats a fatasy. Only food, water, other resources. If the shit REALLY hit the fan, you can’t do anything with an ounce of silver, why one earth would you trade food for it??

  23. Stillwater900 says:

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me? I’m very observant and I have good nearsight, so I don’t even need a magnet or a loupe or acid. I’ve got about ten pounds of sterling silver and over 10 grand in gold that way. So what exactly are you trying to tell me?

  24. Stillwater900 says:

    Are you kidding? I have over TEN POUNDS of sterling silver, about 5 grand that I paid less that 500 bucks for. Not to mention $10,000 in gold. Bullion is for suckers!!

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