2011 China Silver Panda 999 Silver Coins unboxing | Silver Coins

2011 China Silver Panda 999 Silver Coins unboxing

I have taken deliver of my first batch of silver coins as part of my strategy to transfer some paper (fiat) currency into real money (silver).

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24 Responses to 2011 China Silver Panda 999 Silver Coins unboxing

  1. sgwarrenb says:

    silverpandaprice com check out silver panda price

  2. SantaFluke says:

    P.S. perhaps I’ll consider Swiss/Singapore banks if I accumulate a laaaarge amount of gold/silver in the future…The reason is, even you keep them underground in your yard, your gov may pull them out. Let’s recall the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917

  3. SantaFluke says:

    (cont’d) To put it another way, it is still not safe if you keep it under your pillow. Home breaking robbery and stealing may happen. Even the boringly safe Singapore has such criminal cases. There is no absolute safety in our sinful world. Just choose your comfortable way to store your gold/silver. Personally I’d prefer the way I can touch “my precious”, so I store some of them in the bank box only blocks away, but I will never trust some buy-and-store-oversea program.

  4. SantaFluke says:

    I think you may overreacted a little when knowing people keep their gold/silver in a bank deposit boxes. I think it is okay to keep them there because you still have immediate access to your real money. Countries won’t collapse in a minute, and you still have time to rush to the bank to get your gold/silver out when you smell something in the air. (to be cont’d)

  5. SantaFluke says:

    Oohh…Excuse me but I am really HIGH…

  6. huntz2471 says:

    It funny how half the people that show there gold/silver say I put my gold/silver in banks cash deposit boxes, friends house, overseas,
    Lmao it’s obvious you just want people to think it’s not your house under your bed

  7. silver john says:

    nice collection mate takecare keep stacking

  8. clearasvodka says:

    Best move you can make. Get out of fiat and into gold and silver. Chinese Panda coins are an excellent investment. You cannot go wrong. Just check out how much Panda coins are going for on eBay and APMEX. You can see that they appreciate even better than other government issued coins. Plus, there are 1.4 Billion Chinese and many of them want to buy Panda coins. The Chinese Panda Coin market is huge.

  9. ilverGoldLover says:

    Gorgeous Coins!!!

  10. admx94 says:

    Yuan! not YEN!

  11. MMA Blaster says:

    You better make sure those aren’t fakes. Heard that there are Chinese companies making counterfeit Panda 1oz rounds, also the Walking 1oz rounds.

  12. john Last says:

    @downs523 a single 1Oz silver britannia 2011 coin at todays price cost less @ bullion by post.

  13. themightyjoseph says:

    @downs523 Bullion by post isnt a rip off. I live near that shop and I got a couple coins from them for a good price. The only problem in UK when it comes to buying silver is you have to pay VAT which is a bummer cuz you dont get that in US.

  14. silver760 says:

    You paid £37 each!!!??? For a 1oz bullion coin?? At the beginning of the year I was buying new 1oz bullion coins at £18 all included.

  15. 15dragons says:

    Is it a good idea to buy these without a certificate of authenticity?

  16. SilverGoldBuddy says:

    Nice coins, I really like the panda and think i might pick up a few of them.

  17. sidkings says:

    Bullionbypost are crooks, way too expensive. I used Bullionuk com, far better quality…

  18. ClearSmashDrop says:

    – That should ready the Pandas were $5 more per coin than the Maples.

  19. ClearSmashDrop says:

    I have 2 Chinese Panda’s (2011 and 2010) and I really like them. They are quite beautiful. However they do carry a premium here in the States. Enough so I treat them a little more like collectors coins than bullion. For just holding silver I bought some Silver Eagles and Silver Maples.

    Im not good with British money, did you have to pay a similar premium? When I bought my Pandas they were $5 each coin from the same place I bought the Maples.

  20. Augustahumbert says:

    hahahaha that be getting me how they use this huge ass boxes and then people pull out a few small items lol.

  21. SilverPricesToday says:

    @downs523 I’ve ordered some maples from them. Yes they were a full 10% cheaper when comparing like with like at the same time. Live and learn – thanks for the tip!

  22. indignant99 says:

    Imagine if the Pound Sterling was still One Troy Pound (12 Troy Ounces) of .925 Sterling Silver !!!!!! (About 240 of the current fiat pounds.) How much petrol would that buy?

  23. neilch says:

    Yes the reeding is slanted. I got them from bullionbypost which seem to be reputable so I hope so!

  24. waldentree says:

    Are they genuine? The reeding should be slanted.
    I have a couple myself. Nice coins.

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