Cleaning Silver Coins & Old Nickles Part 1 of a 3 Part Series | Silver Coins

Cleaning Silver Coins & Old Nickles Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

This is how I clean my silver coins,and preserve them from tarnishing.I did some experiments on cleaning some old Nickles,and came up with a few good methods…

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25 Responses to Cleaning Silver Coins & Old Nickles Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

  1. roxas vangruad says:

    do baking soda works

  2. kayoualorkyl says:

    You idiots this coins are clean to spend not an collectors item.

  3. wflite says:

    I heard 99% of old coins have been cleaned. Coin dealers dip. Grading companies dip. You the little guy are an idiot for cleaning….ridiculous.
    I call BS on the whole “don’t clean” your coins propaganda. Done right the average buyer does not know. BTW dipping is 100% acceptable in the coin biz and NOT considered cleaning. “restoration” is the “proper” term used by the “respected” grading companies.

  4. Terry Belugabags says:

    How could you clean these?! I mean come on, you Pulled them out of the ground, you should have left all the dirt on them so they looked gross forever…

  5. Terry Belugabags says:

    Lol at

  6. SkylordTico says:

    cleaning coins is a bad idea… it not only reduces the value and destroys the patina, witch is considered to bring more value to a coin… even if it makes it shinny and look new, its not and its easy to tell that its been cleaned. if it were a mint coin that then ya keep it clean, but what your doing is wrong and its breaks a lot of rules when it comes to this hobby. no one cares if coin dealers do it there only making there condition worse. so i urge all coin collectors to NEVER do this!

  7. lovekara94 says:


  8. phil horvath says:

    Watching this makes me sick. Whether they’re rare dates or not, this disgusts me as a coin collector.

  9. mrhiram1000 says:

    Damn right it scratches them don’t do it if you have old valuable coins under magnification they will look horrible, and could cut the value in half or more.

  10. Detectingdevon says:

    great video really helps with my detecting finds

  11. Darko Tasevski says:

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  12. 219erman says:

    LOL…Coin Dealers DO ! …Top Numismatic Coin Grading services DO & WILL for an extra charge ! ….Tho Grant it. I did not use the correct methods that I would have on a RARE coin. Methods I used in these videos are much too harse & I believe I suggested that NO ONE should clean a rare coin ! But since none of those coins were rare,most of them were common clad spending change, AND……” I ” own these coins ..Not You…..BUG OFF

  13. worldpapermoney says:

    Rule #1 in coin collecting: never EVER clean a coin!

  14. anyon e says:

    Would the baking soda be abrasive to scratch up the coin?

  15. CrazyChitTV says:

    I avoid ANY cleaned coins when I buy, for several reasons… including the fact that it is sooo obvious that they have been cleaned that many people just don’t want them.

    On top of that, old coins that are cleaned will never have the mint luster or the cartwheel effect… they just look fake… which is NOT good.

    Don’t buy cleaned junk silver unless you can get it for much UNDER spot guys. Any coin dealer will considered it just a cull coin (like coins with holes in them etc).

  16. sonofsam717 says:

    Some people don’t care about numismatics.

  17. sonofsam717 says:

    Dude I use warm water, dish washing liquid & ammonia (stir the mixture a little with coins in there). Let soak for half an hour, then scrub gently with a soft bristle tooth brush then let soak another 10 min. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a fluffy cotton wash cloth. The results are great. Not knocking your way but it just seem a bit much.

  18. tanzpogi kilabot says:

    ok sir thanks a lot..

  19. ITILII says:

    No American coin is pure silver. Pre 1965 dimes, quarters, half and silver dollars were 90% silver.

  20. ShadXWK says:

    damn that baking soda doesn’t clean does nails??

  21. Tanner Tisher says:

    You can get it off ebay for 6.50

  22. roccotool says:

    Cleaning and polishing coins reduces their value.

  23. COD4760 says:

    I don’t think he cleaned any numismatic one besides the v nickels and buffalos. rest of the coin are valued only for their silver

  24. tanzpogi kilabot says:

    sir is that a pure silver coins? what year in the coins that we know is that a pure silver? coz i have something here a some old coins..

  25. yourfollowerchrissy says:

    Use taco sauce(like the ones at Del Taco or Taco Bell) its fast pretty good results.

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