My SILVER COINS and bullion | Silver Coins

My SILVER COINS and bullion

My SILVER COINS and bullion

I have a little coin and silver collection and I wanted to share it with my YouTube Friends. Silver Quarters,Dimes,Nickels,Morgan,Peace,dollar,WALKING LIBERT…

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24 Responses to My SILVER COINS and bullion

  1. rocky315w says:

    If you ever have a 1000 dollar bill hang on to that baby, but i like the collection. For the most part I’ve been buying junk and just love merc dimes. have about 7000 now and just got 230 more yesterday. If your into silver porn please check out my channel and thanks, just love your enthusiasm. Rocky

  2. serg d says:

    IT IS WRITTEN: But their idols are silver and gold, made by the hands of men. Psalms 115:4. Repent!!!!!

  3. AlPalC says:

    nice video.
    The half dollar that you said you didn’t know what it was is a barber half

  4. Danny Singer says:


  5. DefNetSara says:

    I feel the love!!!!

  6. TheCoffeeComedian says:


  7. nickh552 says:

    I’ll straight rob u!!!

  8. silvercollector123 says:

    great can’t wait. You make things funny and entertaining 🙂

  9. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    Yeah 🙂 I think ill have a video up next week

  10. silvercollector123 says:

    any updates on your collection?

  11. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    and I love your comment 🙂

  12. DefNetSara says:

    Im addicted to Music. I like to make lists…. of music. and Give them to friends 😀
    p.s. I love your videos.

  13. yettiz420 says:

    They are called rounds not coins if they are not made by gov. mint 🙂
    COOL VIDEO nice collection check out some of my silver vids!

  14. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    But its a good thing

  15. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    Thank you

  16. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    lol thanx for the comment 🙂

  17. brown eighteenOsix says:

    Nice collection……yeah, your coin guy does look mad.

  18. JunkmasterJay231 says:

    Nice coin collection.

  19. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    Thank you 🙂 and yeas TACOS ARE GOOD 🙂

  20. PhillieBRidin says:

    lol, that works too:)

  21. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    Me too :)

  22. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    Yeah Im trying to get that stuff too, but I like silver coins a little bit more 🙂

  23. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    I totally have the SILVER FEVER 🙂 so can you make more silver coin vids

  24. TheCoffeeComedian says:

    what about silver knives?

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