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Who Collects Coins?

Who Collects Coins?

There are basically 4 groups of coin collectors. Whilst
possibly not each coin collector fits into one or much more
of these categories, most do. The categories are
inheritor, hobbyist, investor and hoarder.

The majority of coin collectors commence out in the
inheritor category. Some coins are passed on to them
from a relative. Or possibly they have been offered to them by a
buddy or the coins were just found in their change.

However the coins came into their possession, the new
collector didnt buy them and generally has no
expertise of coin collecting. As soon as in their
possession, if these coins spark an interest, the
inheritor becomes a collector.

The hobbyist collects coins for their artistic or
historic appeal. They appreciate the challenge of attempting to
receive all the coins in their chosen categories. The
hobbyist can simply move into the investor category.

The investor sees the chance to improve their
original investment in coins. They can appreciate the
artist appeal of the coins, and might get a lot of
personal pleasure in the method of finishing their
collection, but their main reason for collecting is
the prospective return on their investment.

Then theres the hoarder. They collect coins just for
the value of the coins. Their collections typically
incorporate almost everything they can get. They have no interest
in the artistic or historic appeal of the coins. For
them the value of the coin is the face worth or the
worth of the material the coin is produced from.

Coin purses
Image by diwong
I just realised that I have so several coin purses… ^_^V All gifts from my dad or pals… and I forgot to include the Japanese one! &gt.&lt Subsequent time…

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