Diddy Kong Racing Walkthrough Pt 47: Greenwood Village Silver Coins | Silver Coins

Diddy Kong Racing Walkthrough Pt 47: Greenwood Village Silver Coins

Diddy Kong Racing Walkthrough Pt 47: Greenwood Village Silver Coins

This is the hardest Silver Coin race in Adventure 1 by FAR. All of the coins are pretty far off the track and in places where, if you make the smallest mista…
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25 Responses to Diddy Kong Racing Walkthrough Pt 47: Greenwood Village Silver Coins

  1. zcm007attack says:

    This one was always the hardest for me.

  2. ovhaum says:

    I just came here to hear ‘Go For It’


  3. Armando Orozco says:

    I hope this helps me thanks I’ve been raging for 1 hour screaming so my mom took my N64 away

  4. DenseElectric2 says:

    Jeez, this was the ONE race in the game I never won. Unfortunately my N64 finally kicked the bucket last year, maybe I’ll have to pick up a used one some time and finally fight the Wizpig…

  5. TheJuggerking says:

    After 70 tries, 3 controllers and blistered thumbs i have finally beaten this level.

  6. jdrewmill3r says:

    this level is the reason that i never beat this game as a kid

  7. Jorchking2 says:

    This is the most hardest track for silver coin.

  8. AllYourBase420 says:

    This certainly was a doozy. Took me a bunch of attempts. When you hit the zipper, remember to let go of the accelerator and to stay off of it until the flames from your car disappear. This will give you an even longer boost.

  9. The Missing N says:

    Thanks so much for this! I read your hint about collecting bananas, and finally succeeded!

  10. zombiekidcrazy says:

    This track is so much easier in adventure 2 with T.T

  11. greenteabikkies says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLL:D Yeah he’s RIDICULOUS. Ancient lake is one of my fave tracks, nice and short and totally possible to overlap people. But that bridge in star city, oh god, i fell off it and i just restarted the time trial ahaha:) i didn’t even think of driving back to the beginning i was just like, “yep i’m doomed”! I find TT hard to control, but as you say you are pretty unstoppable once you get him cos his top speed is very, very fast. Ok I’ll give wizpig 2 a second shot now.

  12. greenteabikkies says:

    mm he’s really hard to beat, i’ve done it once before, after like 24 times of trying! when I finally beat him i was so relieved, but i know it’s gonna be difficult to do it again. Yeah, I think if you’ve already beat the silver coin challenges before it’s easy to get lazy about doing them again. Plus trophy races are fun and that blasted octopus (and walrus) are actually kind of fun to beat! Good luck with beating wizpig-strangely enough i find it harder to beat him with tt!!

  13. zombiekidcrazy says:

    I still dont have wizpig 2 unlocked, i have to finish the silver coin challenges. Ever since i unlocked T.T, i happened to be to lazy to beat them. I just do trophy and regular races in the tracks section And replay boss battles and the minigames.

  14. zombiekidcrazy says:

    Dude the guy/clock/stopwatch is retardedly fast. I overlapped everyone in ancient lake, and by the second lap in star city, the first bridge you cross at the beginning, i fell down, drove back to the beginning of the bridge and continued which took me around 6 seconds to get back, and the bots still didnt even come close to me. By the time i was done with the race, the bots were still on the other side of the whole map. Getting T.T is a pain in the ass but when you get him, you are unstoppable!

  15. greenteabikkies says:

    Ok I’ll take your advice-the right wall? I always go on the left cos I’m scared of getting shot on the right but what the heck I’ll try it. Haha, yes, the critical part ‘not bump into anything’. How many races could I have won if I just didn’t crash into some boulder that shouldn’t even be there…sigh. Well done for unlocking him!! It’s a real challenge but totally worth it:)

  16. greenteabikkies says:

    Oh no, you just reminded me of the race against Wizipig 2! I’m trying to get T.T. now so I can beat him more easily.

  17. zombiekidcrazy says:

    Bumping into things is your worst nightmare in this game.

  18. zombiekidcrazy says:

    Lol i just unlocked him today. In spaceport Alpha, just get 10 bananas, go through all the zipper and try not to bump into anything. when you go to the part where everything is shooting at you, go as low as you can go to the air zipper in the bottom. Then just stick as close as possible to the right wall and i can assure you you will get a good boost and not bump into anything at that part.

  19. greenteabikkies says:

    lol that made me laugh-you’re so right. T.T is really hard to beat in crescent island, but omg i absolutely hate spaceport alpha. That level is an absolute nightmare:(

  20. zombiekidcrazy says:

    BITCH PLEASE. TRY TO BEAT T.T’S GHOST IN CRESCENT ISLAND. ITS 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x HARDER THAN THIS SHIT.

  21. ilikebeingsmart says:

    I never figured out why Krunch is competitive on this course. This, for me at least, has some of the toughest turning in the game, and his character has lots of speed with little control.

  22. Nury d'Arbel says:

    Jaaaaa, 22? I’m only 16, I´m a girl, I’m mexican and I just beat this level! Poor you..

  23. karnella says:

    To this day, I’ve never beaten this game because of this track.  Today, I will beat it. Thank you good sir.

  24. sweeney71 says:

    on about try 40 now…WTF n64?! why you gotta do me like that??

  25. Creativerose12 says:

    Ty ty ty 🙂

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