Silver bars silver coins Gold coins gold bars | Silver Coins

Silver bars silver coins Gold coins gold bars

Silver bars  silver coins Gold coins gold bars

My Silver And Gold Collection I have 17000 oz of silver maple leafs and about 32 oz of gold and and other old paper money.
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25 Responses to Silver bars silver coins Gold coins gold bars

  1. PreTrendInvestor says:

    Awesome collection man. Nice variety and diversity, not to mention history! I imagine you’re still stacking, any plans to make an updated vid?

  2. vinmorin says:

    He’s got 17000 oz’s of silver and 32 oz’s of gold. He can do whatever he wants. It’s not 500$ that’s going to break his bank. 🙂

    He’s sitting on about $567,600 of precious metals at todays prices… Wait until the dollar collapses, this guy is going to be the next Warren Buffet!

  3. Nunsweepit421 says:

    Take note of that message at the beginning of this video. It’s now 2013 and Europe and the USA could be heading for an economic collapse. A hyper inflation. Things are getting bad. Mainly in the USA, people are food prepping (storing food) should the SHTF. Look at Cyprus today. The banks have been closed by the authorities to the public for two or three days to stop savers from withdrawing their money. So start buying little gold and silver bars & coins each month or two for future investment.

  4. Jose Aparicio says:

    nice collection bro

  5. marcogerra says:

    Hey thats a great start , just remember to treat your self . 🙂

  6. evilintheeast says:

    I like that nugget you got there,

  7. moocowstorm4 says:

    I am 15 years old and have a hobby of collecting silver. Every week I get 15 bucks for allowance. I always save up my allowance until I can buy an oz of silver. I have been doing this for about 7 months and have about 20 give or take oz.

  8. loh1110 says:

    Also, why do you collect worthless fiat currency?

  9. elvis presley says:

    Fine collection you have got there!

  10. marcogerra says:

    Am not an Expert at all and am not a coin collector never made sense to me why some shop would sell me a coin for 400 dollars but when i want to sell it all i get is 30.00 for it.. I stick to bullion coin ,Canadian Maple Leaf mostly I dont bother with junk silver am not saying dont buy it ,thats just me.

  11. marcogerra says:

    most of my silver came from pawn shops back in the day when silver was around 4 dollars an OZ . I also still buy from Ebay my first 600 oz I got on ebay for around 9 -11 dollars an Oz I buy from shops, ebay , co works who ever sells it at a good price. But I always every month even just a few oz if thats all i can afford . it adds up. 🙂

  12. loh1110 says:

    Where do you buy them? Online or at a coin shop using cash? Please advise. thanks

  13. fightnight47364 says:

    HOLY SHIT BATMAN! you have the MIDAS TOUCH! I have 85oz and stacking. But you my friend …..HOLY SHIT BATMAN! HOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIT! I’m assuming its worthless to say but …..keep stacking! HOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT BATMAN!

  14. marcogerra says:

    were ever I can my bank, stores , ebay if the price is right

  15. marcogerra says:

    By The Way My Coin Collection Is now 52K OZ of Silver

  16. marcogerra says:

    I my self dont bother with junk silver , trying to sell it or trade it just dont work I never get the money i pay for it no matter how long i hold on to it or silver price , So I dont buy junk silver.
    I try to only buy .9999 silver Bullion witch is most of my silver
    buying it what ever I can when I can even if its one coin a week but I always buy .

    The way I see it you spend more a month eating out or buying crap you dont need then having something to show for at the end of the month.

  17. OutDoorMan0012 says:

    im a coin collector but i was wondering im not a expert or anything but what do u think a learner should start out with and where should I to buy it.

  18. NK00305 says:

    11 an oz!!! Yeah now its 28$ great collection. Were do you get the certificates

  19. MrBarelylethal says:

    except you can buy it for spot or less

  20. jacob brown says:

    those “gold dollars” if they are the pres. or Sacajawea dollars then they are

  21. marcogerra says:

    I saw that too..

  22. marcogerra says:

    dont care for it bulky and worthless when trying to sell it.

  23. marcogerra says:

    I agree I dont like it my self.

  24. marcogerra says:

    spent some time in the East .

  25. marcogerra says:

    Its 01-20- 2012 and am still buying more silver , I dont care for the junk silver i have some and its worthless when trying to sell unlike bullion silver . i almost have an extra 470 oz of silver on top of this.

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