U.S Mint 1995 Civil War Battlefield Commemorative Coins 2006 Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Coin Program 2000 Australian Kangaroo Minted 42638 1987 Free Mo…

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25 Responses to SILVER COINS (UPDATE)

  1. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks SilverBeing , I appreciate it, thank you for watching

  2. cliffsearch says:

    I had a good idea who it was. Often the ones that thumb down are the jealous types, and strangly they thumb down without watching the entire vid. I know this because I had uploaded 2 vids and twice I had a thumbs down before the entire vid could be fully viewed. I knew it was one of my silverstack subscribers, and someone who lived in the southern hemisphere ( As all my vids are uploaded when you guys are sleeping ). So I put 2 and 2 together, blocked him. No more instant thumbs down.

  3. SilverBeing WithGunz says:

    Good stuff my friend!!

  4. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks mkmstillstackin . I’m glad you like that coin, thanks for watching

  5. Jose Aparicio says:

    What’s going on cliff, I’m glad you liked the coins, I’m always trying to find those rare and unusual coins that no one else is showing on YouTube .. Lol … How do you find out who is giving the thumb down on the videos ?? There is always one person that does that, another hater lol..

  6. Jose Aparicio says:

    What’s going cliff, I’m glad that you like the coins, you know me

  7. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks John … Thank you for watching

  8. Jose Aparicio says:

    Your welcome, MisterSilverMonster..

  9. mkmstillstackin says:

    Beautiful coins, Jose! That civil war proof is choice!

  10. cliffsearch says:

    Some fantastic coins Jose. Nice to see some new coins on youtube. Love the Ben Franklin and that Austrian Coin. GREAT STUFF. Oh yeah- SHAME ON THE PERSON WHO THUMBED DOWN. I usually get one thumbs down on my vids also ( However, I found out who it was ). Anyway, keep collecting and showing us those great coins. Regards Cliff

  11. Michael Silver says:

    They are all nice coins.

  12. john charly charly says:

    cool coins very nice thanks for the vid.

  13. MisterSilverMonster says:

    Awesome kangaroo! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks SalivateMetal, thanks for watching bro

  15. SalivateMetal says:

    Great coins Jose! Love that Civil War commem. They bring a high premium.

  16. Jose Aparicio says:

    Hahaha!!! That’s a good one EpicRV 🙂 I’m just a normal hard working individual, I didn’t retire form the service like you did.. Lol

  17. EpicRV says:

    Wish I was rich like you!

  18. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks ThesharpNshiny I appreciate it, thank you for watching as well… Keep stacking bro

  19. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Very nice coins Jose, thanks for sharing

  20. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks xxjose95… I’m glad you liked the coins.. Thanks for watching bro

  21. xxjose95 says:

    Wow! I love commemorative coins! Their awesome!

  22. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks MrMnmn911, thank you for watching

  23. Jose Aparicio says:

    Thanks PreTrendInvestor… Thanks for watching I subbed back also…

  24. MrMnmn911 says:

    really cool. nice quality video. thanks for showing.

  25. PreTrendInvestor says:

    Great pickups. A lot of this stuff I’ve yet to see until now. Thanks for sharing. I subbed!

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