hoard of silver coins found in garden | Silver Coins

hoard of silver coins found in garden

hoard of silver coins found in garden.
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6 Responses to hoard of silver coins found in garden

  1. Alex Bunting says:

    decimalization was introduced in 1970

  2. Alex Bunting says:

    I would expect so, although a lot were melted down for the silver at various times, and the coins still had some silver content up until 1947. If they are in good condition they may be worth above their silver value for numismatic collectors….ebay usually finds an appropriate price if you list an honest description. 🙂

  3. john tanner says:

    Alex you where spot on with the pre 1920 british coins, can I ask you
    would in the 1930 people be carrying such old silver coinage in there change.
    cheers mate.

  4. vstoffere says:

    you don’t sound too excited

  5. MrStalkernz says:

    seems abit setup to me nice try tho

  6. Alex Bunting says:

    looks like old British currency…pre 1920 has 90% silver content. spot silver price currently about £15/ounce. Keep them or sell on ebay for above spot. Nice find Fella. be well.

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