How To Test Silver or Gold | Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets | Silver Coins

How To Test Silver or Gold | Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

This is a brief example of how to use a Neodymium rare earth magnet to test if an item is solid silver. It is meant to be one of a number of tests to verify …
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22 Responses to How To Test Silver or Gold | Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

  1. sarowie says:

    In theory, any magnet (with adequate size) should work.
    He used a small neodym/rear earth magnet which is probably best for this. They are pretty cheap and easy to get as well.
    But: You have to test your magnet with some known reference materials.
    Depending on magnetisation direction, size, strength etc. results can vary.
    Best would be, to carry the reference materials together with the magnet so you can easily compare each time a known material against the unknown.

  2. hypnocil10 says:

    does any magnet work or does it have to be different

  3. MunkeySpaz says:

    When I use a 2012 dime I have the same effect as a 1946 dime. Magnet moves very slowly down the coin? Call me an idiot, but how accurate could this be when every coin I use has the same effect?

  4. xAkiraTube says:

    so it´s faked as well 😀
    Just joking ^^ 

  5. HifiCentret says:

    Eddy currents. Is the technical explanation 😉

  6. Darin Aaron says:

    the wheat penny is worth over a million dollars, your a millionaire

  7. Ethana Ho says:


  8. floggerSG says:


  9. JUNAID187 says:

    will it stick to 9ct gold?

  10. Emi J says:

    Hi, may I know the dimensions of the magnets that you are using? Does it matter what the grade of the magnets are? Thanks so much for the informative video!

  11. mardlinator says:

    no its not, its induced eddy currents in the silver. dimagnetism is far weaker than that and would produce a different effect

  12. yusuf ilik says:

    Have you just looking for a magnet to hold silver powders

  13. yusuf ilik says:

    Hi I Have just silver dust I want to buy you need to keep the silver magnet, could you help

  14. samsteele2 says:

    the property that is displayed by the magnet on the silver coin is diamagnetism. diamagnetism is when a non-magnetically charged material repels the magnet. it travels down the coin slowly because of this.

  15. jokerfury909 says:

    the magnet slid off first coin and it was silver and on the mexican coin it slid off the same and u go ” o its not silver” whats the point of test if they both slide off and only one silver dmas

  16. Bobby Borgia says:

    First time i’ve ever seen this test. You can get Neodymium Magnets from ScienceKitStore. com . I got them for a Guass Rifle but now I can test my coins!

  17. anti0918 says:

    Then you have to judge based on weight and size.

  18. TheSteveo613 says:

    What if the coin is copper and coated in silver? then what. The reason your magnet slowes is due to len’z law. your inducing a current but the resistivity of copper and silver are almost the same so also is the conductivity. this test would fail in such a case. If your going to buy silver I would say use Archimedes’ Principle. SG of metals will tell exactly what percent of silver your dealing with.

  19. ebaybrysco says:

    Innversion happens because of the camera, if you look at the silver eagle, you’ll notice it is inverted as well.

  20. TheEpicPoker says:

    The Morgan Dollar is not real… On the real coins, Lady Liberty is facing the left. It might be a reproduction silver coin?

  21. John Pietruk says:


  22. iBitcoin says:

    That’s a really nice steel cent, and Morgan dollar for that matter

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