My “BEST DAY” Metal Detecting Silver Coins (2 x Seated) | Silver Coins

My “BEST DAY” Metal Detecting Silver Coins (2 x Seated)

Metal Detecting in Louisiana with F75 LTD. Went hunt a 1700s site where an old plantation home once stood. Lots of trash. Basically got lucky. My best silver…

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25 Responses to My “BEST DAY” Metal Detecting Silver Coins (2 x Seated)

  1. Cajuncoinhunter says:

    Thanks for watching. If just starting out – Whites Coinmaster GT is a VERY GOOD detector to start out with. Thats what i’d get if i was absolutely brand new to the hobby as it will get the job done and is reasonably priced for what it can do and the display features to include VDI numbers . Good luck. CCH

  2. Robby From TX says:

    Great video! Looks like you got to handle some real history.  What do you recommend for a beginning metal detector?

  3. Cajuncoinhunter says:

    Thanks for watching and good luck to you. Get a ‘good’ machine and practice makes perfect. take care from Lafayette LA.

  4. edfrhes says:

    Nice videos. Getting into the hobby and these videos do help. Thanks from Lacombe La.

  5. rollaz says:

    Wonderful 1842 coin!!!

  6. GoodNameGroup says:

    Really interesting video. Just posted a new video about a home business that involves texting. Great income potential.

  7. Hector Hugo Zavala says:


  8. Cajuncoinhunter says:

    Thanks for your comments and thanks for watching. Appreciate it. CCH

  9. keg44mag says:

    Amazing what’s just below the surface of a simple field with old trees. Good going on the research. You earned what you found!

  10. WA4DD says:

    Another great video and great find. Keep it up CCH.

  11. RecoveringRelics says:

    Awesome video and finds! Congrats!!!! HH!

  12. crunch7077 says:

    Fantastic hunt & sweet old silvers !

  13. Cajuncoinhunter says:

    Thanks for looking and I apprecaite your comments. 

  14. Cajuncoinhunter says:

     Thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments.

  15. swinginsouthjersey says:

    Sweet seateds
    if you don’t come out of the hunt with a bag full of trash, you left a lot behind especially when your after the deep old coins.

  16. 545allec says:

    Nice site to hunt.Congrats on them seated dimes and relics.Good luck on next hunt.HH

  17. NQExplorers says:

    Beautiful day, great site, great finds. Really enjoyed that 1700s house site. Wow. HH.

  18. moleman1961 says:

    Nice coins!

  19. AgdrAgon999 says:

    I just recently learned that they were called “half dimes” because they were still made from silver and not the newer (and cheaper) “nickel.”

    Cool vid. Thanks for uploading!

  20. metaldetectingguy says:

    Cool vid. Congrats on the silver. WTG

  21. skunkman1998 says:

    Nice pick ups

  22. TejasDigger says:

    Wish I could have been hunting there with you so you wouldn’t have been so lonely, lol. Congrats on those seated coins! HH

  23. realredrebel says:

    Man ! … Those Seated Coins are Awesome… Congrats… I hope the flooding you all are getting goes away quickly… Good luck and Happy Hunting.

  24. liabatud67 says:

    Do you get permission to hunt these sites every time you go out?

  25. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    Outstanding finds brother…I dream of findinding oldies like that…

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