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Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Design Update

There have been some recent developments on the selection of the styles which will appear on the 2013 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins. This program will include a $ 5 gold coin, silver dollar, and clad half dollar, every single minted with a concave obverse and convex reverse. The common obverse design and style for all 3 coins is to be emblematic of the game of baseball, whilst the frequent reverse design and style will depict a baseball related to those utilised by Major League Baseball.

Baseball Coin Reverse Design

The final selection for the reverse design of the coin was officially announced by the United States Mint on Friday and is shown above.

Initially, there had been six style candidates provided by the Mint for assessment by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). The CFA had suggested one particular of these original candidates. Discussions at the CCAC meeting had prompted the creation of two further variations, one particular of which would carry the CCAC&#8217s recommendation. The Secretary of the Treasury, who has the authority to choose the final style, went with the former.

The common obverse style for the coins is becoming chosen via a public competition. In the course of an open submissions period, a total of 178 styles were submitted by the public. From this number, there were 24 initial semi-finalist styles chosen via internal judging at the US Mint. Following a discrepancy was found, five additional candidates have been added and separately three candidates were removed for noncompliance, resulting in a final total of 26 semi-finalists. A round of judging by a panel of Baseball Hall of Famers, resulted in 16 finalist styles.

The finalist designs were supplied to the CFA, CCAC, and National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum for review and comment. I had also offered Mint News Weblog readers with the opportunity to vote on their preferred style inside an unofficial poll.

MNB Survey

Readers have been somewhat divided, with the prime two contenders quite close and 4 diverse options each receiving at least 10% of the vote. These prime selections along with the percentage of the vote received are shown above.


In the course of the course of final week, both the CFA and CCAC held their meetings to review the finalist styles and offer their recommendations. Each groups had been presented the exact same recommendation shown above, which had received 8.15% of the vote in the unofficial Mint News Blog poll.

According to this CoinWorld post, one particular member of the CFA was instantly drawn to the glove styles since they would pair well with the reverse style featuring a baseball. Other members agreed with &#8220no debate and small discussion.&#8221 From the two finalist designs featuring a glove as the single focus, members unanimously supported the 1960&#8242s style glove. They did request that the foliage pattern at the edge of the glove be omitted and the lettering refined.

The CCAC was also drawn to the glove designs and produced the very same recommendation. According to Chairman Gary Marks, &#8220The CCAC gave its strongest achievable recommendation to design and style HOF 01 which shows an open baseball mitt. Committee members felt the concave nature of the coin&#8217s obverse would lend itself nicely to the baseball mitt image and would be pair nicely with the convex baseball image on the reverse. The mitt image received 30 of the possible 30 points offered by way of the committee&#8217s scoring procedure&#8230a excellent score. Best scores are rare for the CCAC.&#8221

From right here, the Acting Director of the United States Mint will make a final recommendation to the Secretary of the Treasury, weighing all relevant elements like the suggestions of the CFA, CCAC, and National Baseball Hall of Fame.

With both the CFA and CCAC supporting the exact same design candidate, it becomes more likely that this design and style will be the final choice. The official announcement of the final selection is scheduled to take spot on September ten, 2013.


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