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Behind the Scenes Look at the Royal Birth £5 Silver Crown

The Royal Mint have announced today (26th July) that the particular £5 silver crown minted in honor of the newest member of the Royal Family members, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge – son and very first kid to the Duke &amp Duchess of Cambridge, has sold practically 80% of the stock produced.

Royal Birth Five Pound Silver Coin

The coin, a silver crown depicting the iconic rendition of St. George slaying the dragon by famed medalist and sculptor Benedetto Pistrucci was utilized as a commemorative design and style and it was fitting that when it was announced that the new Prince would be named “George” this sent the coin straight on to becoming a sell-out in a short period of time. The coin’s reverse had not been seen on British crown coins because 1951 when a commemorative 5 shilling coin was issued in honor of the Festival of Britain. A silver version was not made considering that 1902 when it was utilized on the inaugural coins of King Edward VII.

This distinct problem is deemed by most avid British coin collectors to be the definitive coin of the present monarch Queen Elizabeth II as this stunning British design has in no way been used prior to on any of the commemorative or circulation crown coins prior to or following decimalization. 5 prior monarchs have issued a circulation or commemorative crown coin using the Pistrucci style considering that its debut in 1817.

Coin and Die

The Royal Mint offers a behind the scenes appear at a single of the dies which was employed for the coin’s production as properly as a firsthand look at the completed solution. (Click above for a larger image.) The mintage for this key classic was set at 10,000 pieces made to proof good quality.

Collectors who want to obtain this coin are urged to location an order soon to avoid disappointment. The birth of the new Prince George was announced on the 22nd July and the baby’s name was announced on the 24th after a pay a visit to from the child’s fantastic-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II – the name George is believed to be tribute to her own father who ascended the throne in 1936 as King George VI. Dispatch of this coin is anticipated to commence from the 23rd August.

For a lot more info on these and other coins presented by the Royal Mint, please pay a visit to their website at:

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