Coin Rings handmade from real Silver Coins by | Silver Coins

Coin Rings handmade from real Silver Coins by

Real silver coins transformed into amazing coin rings.
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24 Responses to Coin Rings handmade from real Silver Coins by

  1. JAYCFX says:

    Would you deliver to Ireland if I ordered a couple??

  2. SW MP says:

    Find the nearest stick and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS.


    Y eso que

  4. Penfold8 says:

    Just out of curiosity, how much do you sell these rings for, or are they just for asthetics?

  5. Robert J. Price Jr. says:

    then lets start with foreign coin then.. much prettier and Unique design at that.. im where’s my hammer?

  6. ipostmycommentshere says:

    Unfortunately a quarter isn’t large enough to make a regular sized ring.

  7. Jeromech2 says:

    that’s not a very good words to use sir, have a nice day

  8. terribelle3 says:

    Hi Chris! Just about the most fun thing I’ve seen to do in a while! Going home & gettin’ out my silver coins tht have been lonely in a box for years & making them feel special again!! (just in time for our Independance fest this weekend!!) 😉 Peace from Pennslyvania!

  9. Ben Van Gorp says:

    Can you please help me make one of these i have no idea how to begin and i would kill to learn this! please message me or something!!

  10. sam Arnold says:

    How do you do that

  11. addmoreice says:

    You do realize it’s illegal to modify money *for the purposes of fraud*.

    This isn’t being modified for the purposes of fraud, hence, legal.

  12. Geeter Tron says:

    wow these are so cool !! I would love one

  13. Jake S says:

    Wow those look really nice!

  14. TheCoinCrafter says:

    I was just arrested! …..NOT, LOL

  15. TheCoinCrafter says:

    Yes, you got it. After a while simply flip it over and continue…Take care, Chris

  16. TheCoinCrafter says:

    Thank you so much, you ROCK!

  17. TheCoinCrafter says:

    I know, it was shocking for me also, believe me! Our local coin shop MADE me do it LOL.

  18. TheCoinCrafter says:

    If you contact me through the website link I can send you some pics…Take care, Chris



  20. gstove1 says:

    Really impressive video! In the vid. you show a state quarter ring, what does the Texas State Quarter look like?

  21. BarryMcCockiner1000 says:

    our country really did have real wealth 100 years ago. not like the cheap made crap we call money now days.

  22. madaboutslabs says:

    NOT! Income tax is a federal crime! It’s his coin, he can do what ever he wants with it.

  23. K. S. Alexander says:

    @john anal…not only are you an idiot…you an inconsiderate snitching idiot…leave these people alone and get a freakin life…you oversized rectum…

  24. Myles Fitzgerald says:

    I am in udder shock that I saw a $10 gold eagle turned into a ring!?!?!? Other then that, awesome rings and I will be buying one

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