Metal Detecting Silver COINS at the beach ! | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting Silver COINS at the beach !

finding silver being masked by iron at the beach.

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7 Responses to Metal Detecting Silver COINS at the beach !

  1. Adam Rutter says:

    Nice video. I’m new to this hobby and actually was curious on some tips. Wheres some good places to go if your to far from a beach? Are fields and forests and river beds/trails good? Thank and great video!

  2. thegetreadynow says:

    Great job! Check out my channel and subscribe if you like! HH!

  3. Leighton Harrington says:

    Thanks Buddy good hunting

  4. DiggerDun says:

    Sweet finds…good job by the Excalibur with the iron and silver.

  5. Leighton Harrington says:

    A lot of the beaches are off limits be careful. Saw your vid keep up the good work.. I use the GoPro camera with a head strap

  6. Leighton Harrington says:

    The scoop that was used in this video was purchased from Reily’s Treasure Gold out of Florida.

  7. RaptorBeats4Christ22 says:

    Awesome. Did you buy the scoop or make it? I wanna start detecting soon too 🙂

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