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New & Old $20 for $20 Silver Coins

This is my collection of for .9999 silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. I have all of them except the first one. There is 0 face value here….

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25 Responses to New & Old $20 for $20 Silver Coins

  1. jkrogstad5 says:

    Ya thanks. Makes sense . I’ve heard they are thinking of doing the same hear in America to the penny and nickel. I’ve also heard they have reservations bc that’s the only place we frequently see Lincoln and Jefferson .

  2. nick540 says:

    I mean they are going to stop making them, and all pennies collected at banks will be returned to the mint for recycling. If you still have pennies they will be accepted for ever as far as i know. Hope that makes sense.

  3. jkrogstad5 says:

    When u say out of circulation , do you mean they are just gonna stop making them, or they will no longer be excepted as. Currency ? Thankd

  4. nick540 says:

    For sure will check yours out now. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Free man says:

    Nice coins, check mine out. Looking to trade

  6. nick540 says:

    Yeah I saw that. GSilvermani made a good video about it.

  7. Jack Silver says:

    I wish I had bought some of the Farewell to the Penny ones… I have the Canoe one with the alien pulling the guy down into the water. Great coin.

  8. nick540 says:

    I really like the first one, and wish I had it. Are you trying to find the penny and holiday coins now?

  9. nick540 says:

    Hey Gsilvermani, yes I saw your video. very cool I never noticed that before, great video! I wish had have the first coin.

  10. nick540 says:

    Thanks veritasfiles, I love these coins but do understand from a purely silver stand point they are not good investment coins. However the fact that it is $20 face value makes it worth it to me.

  11. nick540 says:

    Hey Bro, you for sure should pick up this coin. Its got a $20 face value so well worth it. It sells out soon so try and order one if you can. Hope all is well.

  12. Alex Morley says:

    This stuff is great bro, I’m thinking of signing up

  13. EpicRV says:

    hmmm…..maybe ill just get the canoe one

  14. hotneo7 says:

    I regretted getting this. First- the photo is misleading. The text is tiny. It isn’t 1 ozt, it is only 7.96 grams. ($20*3coins)=$60 plus $13 shipping…$73 for 23.88 grams! Not even a full troy ounce. For $73 I could get several 1 ozt Maples. All the $20 for $20 are bad. Cancelled my order. What a rip-off for a worthless face value in a fiat world and not really numismatic if it isn’t graded. I’m not shopping for silver past midnight again… ever.

  15. veritasfiles says:

    All very nice.  I tend not to buy collector coins, but silver is silver and what you like is what you like. Good stuff!

  16. GSilvermani says:

    Great vid bro do you know about the alien on the canoe coin ? If you take a still pic of the coin and flip it upside down it kinda looks like a e.t. lol I made a vid about it if you want to check it out called alien silver> pics are at the end cheers:)

  17. gold maple says:

    Hey nick, I have all of the 20 for 20 coin series except the farwell to the penny, the happy holiday coin and the new hockey coin. I have to agree with you that my least favourite is the one with queen elizabeth, and my favourite is the first one that came out.

  18. nick540 says:

    Well worth it if you can find the right price. They are very nice. Good luck and let me know what you find.

  19. EpicRV says:

    I am searching now to buy the full set to get me up to date….really dig those coins.

  20. nick540 says:

    I was reading some comments on other videos where some people thought the $20 for $20 was a ripoff. I agree with you especially as the numismatic value continues to rise. The hockey coin is very nice!

  21. nick540 says:

    Yeah the Canoes are my favourite. I agree SBSS made a good queen portrait. lol

  22. nick540 says:

    Yeah I was for sure disappointed with the Queen design. I like your idea of calling it “The two Faces of tyranny” I will see what I can find with regards to coin #1. Someone on Used Victoria was selling on while back for $40 which is a little too steep for me.

  23. LoneAxiom says:

    Who would consider those a bad deal!!!!! Your not losing anything by buying it, and as you said its numismatic value will increase over time. This is also a great way to get silver if you can’t afford pure .9999 coins and such. I ordered three of the new ones, should get them today or Monday 🙂

  24. Metalkookaburra says:

    I have 3 or 4 polar bear & a few canoes also, love the designs but their are few Canadian designs that aren’t well done, the queen 20 for 20 for example. Hard to make the old bat look good somehow although i think the silver bullet silver shield guys have come close.

  25. greg williams says:

    They are all beautiful coins, well…except the one with Lizzy on both sides o_0 they should have called that one, ‘the two faces of tyranny’ lmao
    My favs are the canoe and the polar bear…shame about the maple leaf one, i have seen a few vids with it in, maybe shop around someone might still have it for sale, like the lessor known dealers…keep stackin

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