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Perth Mint Offers NGC Certified Port Phillip Kangaroo Replica Gold Medallions

The Perth Mint of Australia has started accepting orders for recreations of the well-known Port Phillip Kangaroo Gold Medallions. These proof top quality replicas are created in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution and come certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in the top grade of PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

The story of the original strikes represents a celebrated piece of Australian numismatic history. The Port Phillip Kangaroo Office was established at the height of the Australian Gold Rush in the mid 19th century when there was an apparent opportunity to acquire nuggets on the gold fields at a discount and then concern the very same as hard currency in the type of minted gold tokens. A coin press was dispatched in a clipper known as Kangaroo, but due to the primitive docking facilities, the press had to be dismantled, brought ashore, and reassembled at the internet site secured for the mint. By this time, the previous chance had passed as gold had become more costly and a massive number of official sovereigns had arrived in the colony. The Workplace would close following creating only a limited output, producing one particular of the excellent rarities of Australian numismatics.

Port Phillip Office Gold Kangaroo

The replica medallions feature a kangaroo in a standing pose with the 1853 date. A patterned border involves “Port Phillip” and “Australia”. The Perth Mint’s particular anniversary mint mark of “P2012″ is also present. The reverse design is a replica of the historic Port Phillip Kangaroo medallion with a huge numeral indicating the weight at center. A patterned border consists of “Pure Australian Gold” and an indication of the precious metal weight.

Every single coin is struck in 99.99% pure gold to proof good quality. The available sizes include 1/4 oz, 1/two oz, 1 oz, and two oz medallions with restricted mintages.

The Perth Mint will release no a lot more than 500 Port Phillip Kangaroo Gold Proof Replica 4 Medallion Collections containing 1 instance of each medallion. The 2 oz medallion carries a maximum mintage of 500, whilst the 1 oz, 1/two oz and 1/4 oz medallions every single carrying a mintage of 2,500. An individual 1/four oz medallion is presently supplied with an concern limit of two,000 pieces.

NGC certified

Each and every medallion comes certified by NGC and encapsulated for protection and secured in an inert plastic holder featuring a security hologram, bar code, and identification quantity. The medallions are all graded as NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo, the highest grade awarded by NGC. Each the four medallion set and individual 1/4 oz medallion are presented in a prestigious glass and timber show instances, accompanied by an informative story card.

For further info or to location an order, please go to the Perth Mint item pages for the four medallion set or individual 1/4 oz medallion.

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