Digging Silver Coins | Silver Coins

Digging Silver Coins

Join me and guest diggers (MrPalamino1, Redlegs, KiethK) find old coins in well hunted parks. We hunted with minelab metal detectors. Thanks for watching! Al…
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21 Responses to Digging Silver Coins

  1. LycomingWarrior says:

    What program are you using?

  2. Gymgirl101100 says:

    what park was this at? i would like to try this

  3. thebrickmaster says:


  4. justanotherpulltab says:

    great job as always buddy, u killin it

  5. icollectstuffdude says:

    Nice job Bio!

  6. firefighter2542005 says:

    congrats on the finds HH

  7. DetectingtheBurgh says:

    Your guest apprearance on my video was super cool. My appearance on your’s..I’m a mile away. Can’t wait to find some silver, just to make my Biofilmz video debute. Was great to join the entourage, known as Wayne’s wonder’s..LOL You are having some great digs..WTG

  8. DaveCPlace says:

    If it comes back from service broken….again…… You may get a chance to film a Fisher wrapped around a tree. HH.

  9. Biofilmz says:

    Hey Dave, I wish I gotten the flying fisher on video! HH

  10. Biofilmz says:

    Yes, because they are tiny and thin – so that they look like fish scales Thanks for watching! HH

  11. pghmole says:

    Nice finds!

  12. Bell2trac says:

    Nice finds guys, a variety of silvers and tokens great job. Do you know why they call those Canadians “Fishscales”?

  13. realredrebel says:

    Nice video… Congrats on the awesome pocket spill… Best of luck.

  14. CoinageBritannia says:

    Sweet Hunt Biofilmz! Congrats on all the silvers! You truly are the King of the Iffy Signals! Did you notice the ‘D’ Mintmark on the Smooth Standing Liberty? HH Buddy!

  15. DaveCPlace says:

    Congrats. I sent in my Fisher for service. Hope to join ya again. Redlegs

  16. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    Way to go Rob….awesome silvers man !

  17. gregdiggermxt says:

    Like the pirate! Digging silvers arghhhhhhhhh

  18. gregdiggermxt says:

    That’s a nice barber dime! And the s rosie. Been finding plugs not filled in myself. Its a shame! HH

  19. MNetrac says:

    Congrats on all the silver! That barber looked really nice too!

  20. beachbumsocal says:

    pretty big silver ring! congrats on the silver coins! liked the heart ring too.

  21. scott Foss says:

    Nice hunt.

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