MoRe SiLvEr CoInS fOuNd _ Metal detecting IN hunts #6-#9 of 2012…ACH | Silver Coins

MoRe SiLvEr CoInS fOuNd _ Metal detecting IN hunts #6-#9 of 2012…ACH

Metal Detecting with my buddy Greg (GOIO) &,Chris (Channel name Seener53),Out at Chris’es spot & a Few woods hunts..We did pretty good on silver & old coins …

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25 Responses to MoRe SiLvEr CoInS fOuNd _ Metal detecting IN hunts #6-#9 of 2012…ACH

  1. 1610spartan says:

    hi there, great videos. just commenting to let you know i am very interested in buying some gold or silver coins or rings you have for great prices. please email me at to hopefully discuss a possible deal.

  2. christopher jones says:

    how awkward i have a 1943 nickel

  3. christopher jones says:

    Nice standing liberty dude

  4. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    I put out a video last year…”Metal Detecting Questions from Beginers finally answered”
    Please look up this video..It should answer your questions.

  5. allen Do says:

    I’m new. What type of metal detector would you recommend for someone who doesn’t have too much money? Any other tips? Love all your videos very entertaining too

  6. tmanfromtexas says:

    I cant believe how mild yalls winter was. I decide to leave and global warming takes over. LOL. Glad to see you have another partner to hunt with. I hope I can find one down in Florida when I get settled in. Its great to see the silver coming out of the dirt there in Indiana. TMAN…

  7. seener53 says:

    It’s from January & early February hunts.

  8. justanotherpulltab says:

    nice one bud, but alittle confused about the time of this vid.

  9. huntermanz says:

    Love the vids keep em up, grats on the finds …had a shocker of a day myself the other day with a broken jewelry box and jewelry everywhere…unfortunately nothing of value it seems…lol (vid on my page) still was exciting to dig it all up though…my brother was with me and he got a 1920 walking liberty half so that was exciting for him as well…waiting to get out again…thx for all the vids and HH

  10. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    Hello, Yes,always….(1st) Get to know the metal detector of your choice…By spending 400-600 hours digging signals,and all that Clad….(2nd)….During the winter…Do research of the old areas in your area…so you will be prepared to hunt there in the spring !….(3rd tip)………..Never Give UP ! ! !

  11. brandon stewart says:

    nice video you got any tips for a rookie?

  12. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    Yes…A couple years ago..I found a 1921 morgan dollar in an old Chicago park.

  13. TreasureFiend says:

    Arent you glad you hunt the woods more often? Awesome job guys, always exciting to see what you all find next!!!!

  14. UFONightHawk says:

    Nice! Jus wondering, have you guys ever found any Morgan or Peace dollars before?

  15. jbolf6 says:

    Excellent finds and video, keep it coming

  16. jeffpicks says:

    Darn! LOL!

  17. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    It’s a Knock out

  18. jeffpicks says:

    That ‘slug’ at 7:35 looks gray and probably galvanized… could just be a ‘knockout’ from an electric box… but it also looks the right size to be a large cent… it ain’t copper, right?

  19. 88schwyptrlcar says:

    Awesome to see that SQL surprise you by popping out that dirt. Great Barber Quarter. Nice finds. Gregg does an awesome job at finding coins,..he reminds me of Dad. haha.

  20. glenrushh says:

    wow i am so impressed by your hunts lovely coins you find makes me want to get a metal detector i am in arizona

  21. lucca04 says:

    what metal you use ? in this video ? i want please the name .. ciao

  22. lucca04 says:

    very great , beatiful place ..with compliments

  23. swinginsouthjersey says:

    Nice Hunts
    2 doubles..sweet
    Congrats Dave & crew

  24. DetectingGirl22 says:

    Congrats, you guys did great! Love your videos.. Keep em coming!
    : ) GL & HH

  25. Izman65 says:

    Nice going guys. Congrats!

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