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Where are the cents?

Fremont County, Colo., is seeking for a few great cents. It&#8217s war memorial depends on discovering them.

Not any date will do.

According to a story in the &#8220Cañon City Shopper&#8221 that reader Michael W. Sullivan mailed to me, the Fremont County War Memorial Park characteristics a very big IN GOD WE TRUST in cost-free-standing letters. It is the intent of the War Memorial Park Committee to affix cents of the Vietnam era to the letters, 1 cent for every soldier who died in the war.

Even so, it apparently shocked the committee that the appropriately dated cents are not readily obtainable.

Sullivan wrote me, &#8220I went via my cents and discovered it very challenging to discover the crucial dates of 1966, 1967, 1968.&#8221

The committee is short 300 cents from 1966 and 4,000 each and every of the 1967 and 1968 dates.

The newspaper story ends with an appeal that, &#8220Anyone who has pennies with these dates can drop them in the donation box located at the Fremont County Clerk&#8217s Workplace at the County Administration Creating at 615 Macon Ave. in Cañon City.&#8221

Sullivan wrote, &#8220I believed this project might be of interest to your readers.&#8221

I am confident it is.

I count on Fremont County will get the necessary coins, maybe by way of the very good functions of coin collectors.


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