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silver coins found in change

silver coins found in change.
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7 Responses to silver coins found in change

  1. Alejandro Cordero says:

    I found a 1964 Washington quarter in change and a Bahamian quarter

  2. LoneAxiom says:

    Nice find with the Mercury! I’ve been dime roll hunting for the last half year and I’ve been really lucky, even being in Canada I’ve found 5 Roosevelt silver dimes. Nice videos, nice coin collections, keep it up!!

  3. justin moss says:

    great vid I am thinking on starting my own vids. I work at a shell station in a resort town about 80 miles from Chicago. In the summer time we get allot of people so far I have found 6 silver Roosevelt dimes, 3 mercury dimes, 6 war nickels, and even a 1960 Washington quarter. All of these along with countless Wheaties. (one was a 1915d that I found in the little penny jar next to the register :o)

  4. MadMike8989 says:

    Oh snap. That’s whats up. You’re up on that target lingo. You must know all about zoning, reshop, and helping “guests.” I’m no longer at the Targetto though. Its being an EXA at Walgreens for me now lol. I’ve been at Walgreens for almost a year now and all I found is wheats, euros, and a red seal $2 bill with the monticello on the back that looks like someone tried to eat it.

  5. bmdmaloclm says:

    Small world, Mr guest service team leader. haha I work at Target too. The only time I find coins is at guest service. But most coins that come my way are from some of my friends either at starbux or a few of the cashiers. They let me know and hold it aside then I get change back from a dollar.

  6. MadMike8989 says:

    Not bad. I worked as a (GSTL) front end manager at Target and I would change out the tills on all the registers. so I went through the coins of 33 registers nightly. It was roughly 60 rolls of each denomination nightly. So pretty much I searched through 200 to 250 coin rolls everynight five times a week. I found a lot of cool stuff. You should ask your management if it’s ok to search the tills for old coins on your break or something. Some cool managers might let you.

  7. BrendanJonesDrums says:

    Good to see you back bro!

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