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Could baseball coins be great art?

2014 U.S. Coin Digest

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Few collectors would evaluate current American coinage as becoming of intelligent design. However, far more and a lot more, it is starting to appear like that is precisely what we will get with the 2014 baseball commemorative coins.

All three coins, the gold $ five, silver dollar and the clad half dollar will have the identical design and style. They also will be struck not on a standard planchet, but on one that curves each in and out.

On the reverse, which is the convex side, which curves out, will be a baseball. At lengthy final, envision obtaining a coin design and style that is virtually three-D. And we won’t have to put on unique theater glasses to see it.

Although the common obverse design has not however been selected, the compelling logic as ordained by the shape of the planchet is that a baseball glove be utilised. This is the concave side, or curving inward, which is just what a baseball glove does.

Such a style would be intelligent. That does not imply we will finish up with it come September when the choice is announced. Even so, if you have been Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, what would you select?

All three coins will share the shape and styles. Certainly, on the modest $ 5 gold piece, the visual impact will be much less, but simply because the colour of gold extremely practically matches the color of a baseball glove, it will look much more lifelike than what we are employed to seeing on coins.

The silver dollar is not very baseball size, but it is close adequate that it will resemble a baseball, especially if it has a good white frosted look to it. The clad half dollar won’t be all that far behind on the reality scale.

Dare collectors hope that we will really be presented with something that not only is art, but very good, clever, all-American art?

It is about time that something offers the Buffalo nickel design and style a run for the title of most American art. Classic art is all nicely and great, but if you want to tug at my heart strings, I believe the baseball and glove will win hands down.

It is not a done deal however. Something could spoil it, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

With these coins we may well truly see a sellout of the 50,000 gold and 400,000 silver dollars. I am less optimistic about the 750,000 clad half dollars promoting out, but probably there will be a small numismatic baseball fever to move it along.

My feelings aside, numismatics has not been specifically excited by baseball themes. Those of us who believed they are a all-natural match were shocked by how badly the Jackie Robinson coins did. However, that just produced the large income earned by the little quantity of purchasers all the sweeter.

Well-liked coins often do badly since every person who wants one particular gets one. It is the coins that are unpopular at the time of situation that get the massive price boosts on the secondary market.

So, I guess if you are hoping to acquire these new coins, you will be rooting for the option of a best-notch baseball theme and hoping that couple of others share your passion. How odd that seems, but that’s how it performs.


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