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MintTV News America The Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin Production

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11 Responses to MintTV News America The Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin Production

  1. AudiophileTubes says:

    This question is directed to the Mint: I have not seen any further numismatic ‘P’ versions for sale lately on your website. The last one was the Chickasaw one that was initially for sale in February. Does this mean that the series will be discontinued? Please comment for us dedicated collectors. Thank you.

  2. AudiophileTubes says:

    The numismatic ‘P’ mintmark, vapor blasted version costs a bit more, but is rarer, with less mintages per coin. This is why this version will increase in value more than the bullion version.

  3. sidkings says:

    Ahhh I see sothe 999 1 oz silver is engraved on the side of the coin. I think maybe this is why not many are buying them, well that I know fo anyway, as its not apparently clear on the field of the coin.

  4. nmreich says:

    I kind of get the impression that the US Mint treats these coins as artistic novelty items, and not Lawful money, which is what silver is. I like art, but I like silver because it is MONEY. Here in Canada our Silver Maple coin says right on it “Argent” which is French for “Money” and not coincidentally is also French for “Silver”.

  5. p154831 says:

    yeah and its funny how this is the government’s youtube page.

  6. ReeseMac says:

    Yeah. The announcer screwed up. It just says “.999 fine silver” which means that it is pure silver. Its “nine nine nine fine”

  7. p154831 says:

    wow .999% silver is horrible! i want at least 99.9% silver! I would pay about $2 for that coin

  8. USMINT says:

    Good eye, that is actually the numismatic version prior to vapor blasting.

  9. Eric says:

    At 2:47, they are holding a bullion version with a “P” mintmark. ???

  10. lurelee says:

    A well-made video. It clearly shows the course of production. So you can make a good picture of the production of coinage.

    Ein gut gemachtes Video. Es zeigt anschaulich den Ablauf der Produktion. So kann man sich ein gutes Bild von der Herstellung der Prägung machen.

  11. BullnBearAnalytics says:

    Quality First!

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