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US Mint Product Updates

bagThis post will provide a handful of updates on some United States Mint numismatic products. There had been some speculation about these goods inside the comments of some previous posts. The information contained here has truly been confirmed with the US Mint.

Initial, the 100-coin bag options for the 2013 William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft had been shown as &#8220sold out&#8221 on the US Mint&#8217s web site late final week. This came as a surprise since these products went on sale a relatively brief time ago. In the most extreme case, the bags for William Howard Taft went on sale significantly less than thee weeks prior to the posted sell out.

The US Mint has confirmed that these items are certainly sold out and no longer accessible. The most current sales report also rolled back the cumulative sales figures for the goods, as presumably some previously ordered units were cancelled.

The newest sales figures are shown below, with the initial column representing the cumulative sales and the second column representing the adjust from the quantity reported in the earlier week.

$ 100-bag (P)986*-638
$ 100-bag (D)886*-757
$ 100-bag (P)1,535*-88
$ one hundred-bag (D)1,487*-33
$ 100-bag (P)1,323*-205
$ one hundred-bag (D)1,275*-84

Regardless of the swift and unexplained sell outs for the 100-coin bag goods, the US Mint has indicated that the item variety has not been discontinued.

set11The second update is in regards to the 2013 West Point Silver Eagle Set. This product was announced as only offered for ordering for the duration of a four week window beginning on May possibly 9, 2013 and ending June six, 2013. At the close of the window, the final indicated sales figure was 281,310 sets.

Earlier this week on July 30, the &#8220sold out&#8221 notice was removed from the item page and it appeared that the set was accessible for sale when once again. Some collectors able to add the set to their shopping cart and complete the verify out approach. Within comments, several readers had been justifiably outraged that the US Mint would apparently re-open ordering for the sets right after the specified window had closed.

According to the US Mint, the sets have been not offered and any orders placed had been cancelled.

Their full statement was the following:

Sadly, while performing routine maintenance on present orders in the order management technique for this item, the item was activated in error. It appeared on the internet web site until about eight:30 p.m., resulting in 28 orders for 56 units. The orders that have been entered have been identified and cancelled, and the buyers have been notified of the order cancellation.

Searching ahead, the US Mint has three merchandise scheduled for release in the coming week. This will incorporate the 2013 five-Star Generals Profile Collection on Monday, the William Howard Taft $ 1 Coin Cover on Tuesday, and the 2013-W Reverse Proof American Gold Buffalo on Thursday. As usual detailed coverage of these products will be supplied in separate posts ahead of the start of sales.


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