Hamilton Police recover over 500 fake US coins | Silver Coins

Hamilton Police recover over 500 fake US coins

Hamilton Police BEAR Unit have recovered over 500 US Silver Eagle 10 ounce dollar coins which have been sold to unsuspecting shops in the Hamilton area over …
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15 Responses to Hamilton Police recover over 500 fake US coins

  1. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    damn show us a close up!…i wanna see how good those fakes were…this is getting scary i hope my reputable dealer isnt selling me garbage,,time to study up on advanced detection methods

  2. mytruckgoboomboom says:


  3. mytruckgoboomboom says:

    I never buy my coins from a dealer and never have come across fakes. Actually the only fakes I have heard of was a 5oz bar that my friend bought from a dealer, went to sell it and turned up fake. Luckily the dealer bought it back no problem.

  4. TheMiguelGrande says:

    Dear Hamilton Police, I will give you $35 each for those 500 coins. If China is not willing to sell silver coins to their own people who are rioting in the streets to buy them at a 40% premium, then these coins must be rare and special. At auction, I might be able to get $75 each. Counterfeiting gold bars with tungsten cores makes financial sense. Counterfeiting silver dollars make no financial sense in less you are a govt propaganda unit trying to protect your worthless fiat dollars.

  5. phantomcharger says:

    “More then likely you will get a fake”?
    There are hundreds of millions of real coins on the market, how in the world are you “more then likely to get a fake”
    This is clearly a hit piece on silver. 500 coins…. Big deal
    a digital scale bought almost anywhere could stop this.
    What good would silver coins be if we can’t sell them to anyone but a government regulated dealer?

  6. alyosha1974 says:

    I’ll have to check your channel out later, but I would wager that they are either coming from a Federal Reserve front or China.

  7. WanderLink says:

    Why would you use toilet paper for money?

  8. Ivestor1 says:

    It would’ve been nice to have an actual macro view of the coins.

  9. whygoldandsilver says:

    Folks please watch the video on our channel about where these coins are coming from and how to avoid them. Great work Hamilton Police thank you.

  10. AM PM says:

    Good job

  11. YuDanny8 says:

    I never knew US had dollar coins! I always use dollar bills

  12. hagbard72 says:

    Nice closeup work. LOL!

  13. elucidative says:

    Good work Hamilton Police. Glad to see that there are some good cops these days on YouTube. Respect.

  14. stg5ive says:

    They don’t even sound like real silver coins

  15. David E says:

    Great vid. Really glad to see HPS embracing many forms of media to get this important info out to the public. Thanks.

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