How to acquire gold and silver coins | Silver Coins

How to acquire gold and silver coins

How to get gold and silver coins. Get yours now US eagle coins. Because paper is never the money silver is. Home based business not mlm.
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16 Responses to How to acquire gold and silver coins

  1. movement26 says:

    Anyone know the name of the music? Thanks.

  2. zig man says:

    I look around on the prices among well known companies.(NWT, APMEX, Kitko, etc, etc..) I’ve noticed MANY would cost us HIGH in total. MOST has minimum order like $1000.00 or 50 oz, plus some time S/H charge. Then depending on your payment method, your bank will also charge you their service fee. Today the spot price is about $43/oz. It would cost you about $60 / total. If you buy them from eBay or flea Market, got to watch out since so many Chinese fakes are going around.

  3. jizamie says:

    I am beyond proud to see the amazing comments posted under this video!!! We all shall unite and take back this country!! As it stands now, with our tyrannical government…. owning any gold or silver, or anything for that matter- is absolutely pointless. It’s just another facade. If you keep it in a bank’s security deposit box, they will own it when they close in a state of emegency. Anything in your homes, will be confiscated by FEMA during Martial Law/State of Emergency… which they create

  4. jizamie says:

    I wish every one would have the common sense; that is no longer so common; as you have. We would be truly free and a more peaceful nation.

  5. TeamLibertyExpress says:

    Antidillard said its time to sell.

    11 months ago.

    That’s damn funny.

  6. Luap Mahgni says:

    I listened to Mike Maloney’s and Robert Kiyosaki’s advice on owning physical silver. Robert said: “I believe this is the biggest investment anyone can make in the next 100yrs” I did my research and found an opportunity that has changed my life in 12 months. Take a look like i did…. Visit:

  7. Andy L says:

    I guess it time to sell gold just before the comments on this video start saying ‘Ive bought gold, its risen quite a lot, i can’t wait for it to rise more’

  8. MYAR15SaysImFree says:

    If we started living by the constitution, we would have our Republic back tomorrow.

    People, study and learn the first 20 amendments to the constitution. You will find that almost/ if not all of them are violated by our gov on a daily basis, this can not stand!!!! We give the Federal Gov it powers and we can take them away as well.. Hint Hint

  9. ANTIDALLARD says:


    when the ‘Royal Mint’ is advertising its coins on TV, you know its time to SELL.

    This is 2004-6 in the property bubble. The professionals have bought cheap and are preparing to sell, while the rest of us poor schmuks are panic buying incase we miss out.

    Its just the next bubble / pyramid scheme.

  10. RamboAmbo says:

    Thanks for the term “lamestream media”

    I’m stealing it


  11. dlflash56 says:

    The odd thing is, none of these supposedly intelligent people ever have and facts at all to dispute what I have said. Facts?Facts are overrated, apparently, heresay makes everything true nowadays. I heard it on the news, the government said so etc. People, please start researching for facts!
    Instead of name calling, how about intelligent debate? We don’t call you names simply because you are ignorant of the facts.Grow up, educate yourselves and above all, open your minds to new possibilities.

  12. dlflash56 says:

    Thanks so much,
    I am a member of the RP R3volution, C4L, and try to educate everyone I come I come in contact with. The biggest obstacle I have run into , is that most people do not like have their basic beleifs undermined. When they find out that everthing they have been taught may not be the truth, defensive barriers go up and the brain siren’s go off effectively shutting down any possibilty of rational thought. Next come the you’re a whacko, idiot, conspiracy theory, un-american ect….

  13. 4laso4 says:

    Beautiful comment

  14. dlflash56 says:

    Unfortunately, most people just don’t get it.Of course this has a lot to do with our “public education” system, our bombardment by the “Lamestream Media” and unfortunately our parents. No one seems to check facts before telling you things like “you have to pay taxes, it’s the law”, “You must do this or that because it’s the law”We have had no “law” since around 1934 (only public policy). Public policy is not law if it is contrary to the Constitution! Please people…start reading

  15. flatulencer says:

    the questions to ask are >>> IS SouthernLibertyAmer COMPENSATED IN ANY WAY BY Monarch Precious Metals? Why are there no comments disagreeing with SouthernLibertyAmer? Could it be that SouthernLibertyAmer is a genius? Is SouthernLibertyAmer a paid shill? Is SouthernLibertyAmer unable to debate logically and censors open discussion?

  16. mikeferr107 says:

    Yours is a well told story, all of it true. Federal Reserve Notes are all fine and well, but they’re just paper.

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