$10,000,000 Silver Giveaway!!! – 10 Million Dollars Worth of Free Silver Coins? | Silver Coins

$10,000,000 Silver Giveaway!!! – 10 Million Dollars Worth of Free Silver Coins?

http://JeremyHowie.com/FreeSilver – 000000 Silver Giveaway 10 Million Dollar Free Silver Giveaway Jeremy Howie – 970.218.6775 In this video I explain al…
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22 Responses to $10,000,000 Silver Giveaway!!! – 10 Million Dollars Worth of Free Silver Coins?

  1. Dezartdave702 says:

    How can i Get in touch Private Message me

  2. Jeremy Howie says:

    Always looking for qualified promoters Dave.

  3. Jeremy Howie says:

    As it says on the entry form you will be notified by phone. Good luck!

  4. UnitedStatesOfClad says:

    if we win, what is the email we will recieve the message from?

  5. Dezartdave702 says:

    Are you still looking for Promoters?

  6. Dezartdave702 says:

    Hey PM me so we can talk about my company promoting yours

  7. Jeremy Howie says:

    Great comment, thanks…but what does it matter if you get them for free?

  8. clearasvodka says:

    That 2011 Panda is a great coin but not exactly a great numismatic play. The mintage numbers don’t make it so and there are a LOT of perfect 70s out there. However, if it were say…a 2001 or 2002 Panda Coin or prior it would be a wonderful coin to have certified.

  9. Jeremy Howie says:


  10. Arisen Wolf says:

    I have a 1632 Ohio coin just lying around and it’s in mid condition

  11. Jeremy Howie says:

    Trade for what?

  12. keyonna wallace says:

    i have a coin from 1857 want to trade

  13. Jeremy Howie says:

    Good luck and thanks for the promotion David…I will be in touch.

  14. David Chatterton says:

    I entered and im hoping I win and i’ve been telling everyone I know to enter and try to win and I would be very excited if I could promote your company

  15. Jeremy Howie says:

    Thanks Tonya…actually yesterday it was 70 degrees…pretty nice for November in Colorado!

  16. Tonya Stephens says:

    Good video, it looks cold there!

  17. Jeremy Howie says:

    You will be called if you win.

  18. Jeremy Howie says:

    Yes it is Steven!

  19. Steven Krivda says:


  20. SistersofNature says:

    so do you just check your email everyday?

  21. Jeremy Howie says:

    You’re welcome Eric!  Good Luck!

  22. Eric Land says:

    I clicked the link, entered and I’m SUPER PUMPED about this promotion!!! Great video Jeremy, thank you for sharing this with the world (especially in this economy).

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