1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review | Silver Coins

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review

Morgan Silver Dollars are an excellent way to own a piece of history, while concurrently investing in the physical precious metal silver. Morgan Silver Dolla…

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14 Responses to 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Review

  1. shaun gill says:

    I`m selling one… exact same one.. if interested please add me on facebook or call me at 0163502360 or shaun_g96@hotmail.com (facebook)

  2. IrixGuy says:

    @Sungjin Yun Provident Metals, APMEX and EBay are all good. Lots of coin buyers on Craigslist too. I’d avoid pawn shops as they likely won’t offer much

  3. Sungjin Yun says:

    Where can we go to sell this when we find one?

  4. frankenstoner says:


  5. IrixGuy says:

    @TheJiujitsuace Pick up Red Book Coins from Amazon or your local bookstore. It should give you a rough idea. Thanks for watching!

  6. TheJiujitsuace says:

    How much is my 1921 s start at? its in really good condition some what like the one in your video.

  7. IrixGuy says:

    Awesome! I’m glad that my video was of educational value =) Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Joe Fiannaca says:

    My Grandpa gave me one of these years ago dated 1921(same as yours) and I had no idea what it was until now. Thanks.

  9. IrixGuy says:

    Nice! APMEX….good people!

  10. Jeremy Esters says:

    I bought 20 of them off of Apmex

  11. IrixGuy says:

    @MagicMatt420 LOL glad you liked it! Feel free to check out all of my other coin and bullion vids too! Playlist link in vid description and I’ll continue to add more coin vids!

  12. MagicMatt420 says:

    She’s got a face, she’s got hair, and then look hay i got my hat on. LMAO ! ! ! !

  13. IrixGuy says:

    Paper dollars just burn. Gold and Silver melt and the wealth compounds. Thank you inflation! LOL

  14. sidkings says:

    I was going to buy some of those, if I think of REAL MONEY I think Morgan Dollars… Its got a real quality about it… nice…

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