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Tortured by emails

Was my request that tough?

A reader sent me &#8220Viewpoint&#8221 for use in a future problem of Numismatic News. I knew it was coming, simply because he previously had asked if I was interested.

It arrived yesterday as an attachment.

Most of the time this is the perfect strategy of sending me Viewpoints, press releases, letters to the editor – you name it.

Not this time. There was a issue.

I could not open it.

I emailed the writer to send it to me as regular e-mail. Copy the contents of the attachment and paste it into an e mail. Send it to me.

That need to do it, I believed.

But it didn’t.

I got yet another email with the very same attachment.

Attempt this, he wrote.

Very same attachment. Very same difficulty.

I replied asking that he copy/paste the contents in an email and send it to me.

Third, e-mail. Very same attachment.

Fourth e mail, same attachment.

Fifth email, exact same attachment.

I am not a computer problems-shooter. This is specifically accurate right after getting gone a week with out a pc at operate right after a problem erased my identity. I am grateful for getting in a position to draw on the resources of the organization IT division to finally get back up and operating.

My replies to the e-mail sender got shorter and shorter.

“It does not operate,” was my final reply yesterday before I went house. I didn’t even request copy/paste in that e mail.

Lo and behold, as I fired up my e-mail this morning, I see there had been five much more emails from him. The final one particular becoming a copy/pasted version of his text.

I will by no means know why my request for a copy/pasted version of my e-mail turned into such a marathon.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper &#8220Numismatic News.&#8221

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