Weighing different silver coins and bullion | Silver Coins

Weighing different silver coins and bullion

I use a digital pocket scale and weigh silver coins and bullion. silver eagle, Max Keiser 1,1/2, and 1/10 ounce rounds weighed as well as a Morgan silver dol…

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19 Responses to Weighing different silver coins and bullion

  1. Reynold Wong says:

    hello i had a question i recently purchased a lydian lion silver coin and i did three test on it, the magnet test the sound test and the weighing test. the first two test seemed like it would be silver however when i weighed it it came out to be around 31.9 i was curious to know if you think this is a fake.

  2. reddog694uk says:

    Don’t forget the scale needs to be calibrated with approved weights, i didn’t know that either. Also, the silver content can vary depending on the coin’s alloy content. If you, like me, just want to stay cautious when it comes to coins, we really need a coin book to know what weights we should be looking for when we pick up a new coin. Nice vid !!

  3. Habeev07 says:

    Hi nice video. I have some silver eagles but they weigh up to 31.49 grams and they’re supposed to be 31.1. but i’ve heard they can be a little heavy and still be real. do you have any heavy silver eagle? please respond with some weights if so. Thanks

  4. Arto Alanenpää says:

    This was funny 🙂

  5. UGotMalkster says:

    i see its written on your scale..lol i didnt notice that before…yep 500 gram weight

  6. UGotMalkster says:

    i got my second scale today..this one does oz..but guess what??? it has just three digits..just like the one before thats in grams..grrr “bangs head on desk” ok so now im going to oder yours because i KNOW its got 4 digits…but what weight do you use..the company said 500 gram weight…is that true?

  7. UGotMalkster says:

    thank you..mine doesnt weigh in oz..i screwed up..so just ordered one that does..again thank you

  8. 1beinki says:

    mine is a weighmax w-3805 bought on ebay from ravenscalesonline

  9. UGotMalkster says:

    i bought wrong scale..whats the brand of yours there? i cant find it online..i googled eigh ax

  10. toddi1971 says:

    Your scale is not troy, is it?

  11. Deanishere says:

    Mike, very interesting, the reason your weights are off, about 10 % high, is that you are weighing them in Avoirdupois Ounces, precious metals are always weighed in Troy Ounces….

  12. Eddy Toronto says:

    Just to let all yall DUMBasses know the Silver Eagle is your best bet ….This coin can ONLY be minted with U.S Silver…I bet yall didnt know that shit didya…DUMBasses Buy physical ONLY Fuck everything else…

  13. ENLIL2000 says:

    Zeus quarter was a joke. Sorry I wasn’t clear. Glad you know that’s not Mercury on the dime. Love your videos man. Keep ’em coming!

  14. 1beinki says:

    Yes I know, But I call em Mercury dimes. I have never heard of a zeus quarter.

  15. 1beinki says:

    The Maples are much to nice to be let out of their container.

  16. ImperfectCitizen says:

    Wheres the Canadian Maple Beinki!!!?!

  17. ENLIL2000 says:

    Eh-hem It’s not a Mercury Dime. That’s an illuminist lie. The figure on the coin is Lady Liberty wearing a winged hat, which is a symbol for freedom of thought. Our Mint does not honor ancient greek/roman gods. Ever seen a Zeus quarter? Also, watch out for fake Morgan dollars. They’re everywhere. Need to stone test them as Chinese are making pretty darn good fakes these days too. Some Buffalo Rounds are fake too. I will not buy Morgans or Peace dollars. Too hard to barter them.

  18. Ashok the Viking says:

    I have the same scale and some calipres as well. There is a troy oz vs. oz setting. Also I found in the junk silver/older US coins, there is a great deal of variation but as long as your in the ball park you will be safe. I took my coins to a jewler and he had some electronic assay machine that told me the percentage of each metal in the coins and objects. The best thing you can do is buy the coins from a reputable dealer as he said.

  19. baseball90995 says:

    your scale is like 10% off just to let ya know.
    Have a good one keep stackin!

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