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Netherlands: Gold and Silver Coins Mark the 100th Anniversary of Peace Palace

The Royal Dutch Mint have launched (15th August) two new coins in celebration of the Peace Palace (Dutch: Vredespaleis)– which celebrates its centennial anniversary in the course of the month of August.

The monumental Peace Palace, built in neo-Renaissance style, was inaugurated on the 28th August 1913 by HM Queen Wilhelmina. The immense and impressive developing homes the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Library of Peace and The Hague Academy of International Law. Each and every day, thousands of folks work in a lot more than 160 international organizations towards a safer and fairer globe. This signifies that the Peace Palace itself has been regarded as the beating heart of The Hague as the city of Peace and Justice – not just of the Netherlands but all more than the planet.

Considering that the Palace’s opening 100 years ago, it has grown into a worldwide symbol of Peace and Justice. The anniversary will be celebrated amongst the 28th of August and 21st of September, the UN Day of Peace, with a range of events to remind us that we have to continue to function towards a peaceful globe. The Palace of Peace is really a center of excellence in this field with numerous planet leaders, lawyers, diplomats and students going to The Hague each and every year in pursuit of peace and justice the world over.

2013 Palace of Justice Silver Coin

The gold and silvercoins, which are the perform of designer Thom Puckey, are struck at the Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht. These are only the second commemorative coins issued after the accession of HM King Willem-Alexander who succeeded his mother Queen Beatrix on the 30th April. The king’s portrait is noticed positioned to the left side of the coin inside a wider circle, his front-facing portrait is noticed at a slight angle to show a depiction which is not front-facing in complete. In a semi-circle around the portrait is the text “WILLEM-ALEXANDER KONING DER NEDERLANDEN” forming portion of the wider circle. The year of concern “2013” is placed just to the correct of the portrait inside the enclosed field.

gold version

The reverse side captures the extravagant, decorative and exuberant interior and architecture of the Peace Palace. The palace itself is depicted as viewed from the front – in truth, the coin cleverly consists of two spectators admiring the stunning developing on each and every side. The words “ARBEID  RECHT  VREDE” (Arbitration, Justice and Peace) are placed just under the principal design and style in along the decrease edge. Just above the Palace’s depiction, is the stylized text “100 JAAR VREDESPALEIS” in two lines. The coin’s denomination is observed just to the proper of the major design.





Top quality


5 €URO

.925 silver

15.5 grams

33 mm.


12,500 pieces

5 €URO


10.five grams

29 mm.


10,000 pieces

5 €URO


10.5 grams

29 mm.



10 €URO

.900 gold

6.72 grams

22.5 mm.


2000 pieces

The coins are officially issued on the 26th August but can be ordered now for dispatch soon after the problem date. For far more information on these and other coins provided by the Royal Dutch Mint, please check out their internet site at: page/178/ Data supplied in Dutch – orders dispatched to European addresses only.

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