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US Mint Survey Covers Future Platinum Eagles, Potential Palladium Eagle

An opinion research organization has recently been conducting a survey on behalf of the United States Mint which asks customers to give their opinions on prospective US Mint products for 2014 and beyond. Although the surveys may possibly vary from person to person, the survey that I received included queries about potential themes and anniversary items for the American Platinum Eagle and a attainable American Palladium Eagle in 2014.

In the past, such surveys have offered collectors early indications of future numismatic goods. Even though not every possibility raised inside the surveys has led to a solution, some notables which have occurred incorporate the 2012 San Francisco Silver Eagle Set and the 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo. A previous survey also discussed a prospective 2014 Kennedy Half Dollar 50th Anniversary Set, which the US Mint has now confirmed will be supplied next year, though specific specifics still stay undecided.

American Platinum Eagle Themes and Merchandise

platinumThe United States Mint is at present in the midst of a six year design series for the proof American Platinum Eagles, featuring the core ideas of American democracy. The final coin in the series will be released in 2014 featuring the theme &#8220To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity&#8221.

The survey lists ideas for a prospective future themes 2015 and onwards, asking respondents to indicate the appeal of each and every theme. The listed themes incorporated the following:

  • Documents of Independence and Freedom: the styles would feature allegorical representations of important American documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Emblems of Freedom: the designs would function American icons, such as the American flag, Liberty Bell, Capitol Dome, and/or popular Executive, Legislative, and Judicial buildings.
  • Classic Eagles: the styles would feature classic historic eagles that have been utilised on American coinage, such as the eagles on the reverse of the $ 20 gold piece or Indian Head $ 10 gold piece.
  • Revolutionary War Sites: the styles would function battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War.
  • Classic Coins: styles from classic American coinage would be used, such as the Indian Head Cent, Morgan Dollar, Liberty Nickel, Standing Liberty Quarter, and Mercury Dime.

The survey indicates that the American Platinum Eagle will reach its 25th anniversary in 2017 (really this will be the 20th anniversary). The US Mint is contemplating various approaches to mark the anniversary. Respondents are asked to indicate which of the following possibilities are preferred:

  • Commence a new style series in 2015 and situation the coin released for 2017 inside unique anniversary packaging.
  • Start off a new design series in 2015, situation a regular coin in 2017 along with an additional unique anniversary coin.
  • Produce a two year design and style series from 2015 to 2016, an anniversary coin in 2017, and then commence a new design and style series in 2018.
  • Produce two differently themed coins in 2015 and 2016, an anniversary coin in 2017, and then start a new style series in 2018.
  • Start off a new style series in 2015 and have the 2017 coin adhere to the identical theme with no adjust for the anniversary and no special packaging to mark the occasion.

Finally, questions within the survey present the possibility of issuing proof Platinum Eagles in fractional weight sizes like 1/two oz, 1/four oz, and 1/10 oz. The US Mint did situation fractional sized proof coins from the commence of the series in 1997 until 2008, even so they were discontinued right after that point.

American Palladium Eagle

Back on December 14, 2010, Public Law 111-303 was enacted, which provided authorization for the United States Mint to generate and concern bullion and collector American Palladium Eagles. The law stipulated that the production of the coins was subject to the submission of a advertising study identifying sufficient demand for the bullion coins to make sure that they could be minted and issued at no net expense to taxpayers.

After a lengthy delay, the report was lastly submitted to Congress in March 2013. The report seemed to place a damper on the prospects of the issuance of the palladium coins given that it concluded that the bullion program would most likely be unprofitable, while the collector plan would draw limited interest yet stay lucrative.


Whilst the survey does not especially address the bullion version, it indicates that the US Mint is taking into consideration introducing a proof version of the American Palladium Eagle in 2014. As per the authorizing legislation, the design would function a higher relief likeness of the obverse design of the Mercury Dime and a high relief likeness of the reverse of the 1907 American Institute of Architects medal.

An approximate price of $ 850 is indicated for the coin, though this would vary based on adjustments in market place costs. Respondents are asked to indicate the appeal of the providing an dhow likely they would be to acquire it.

If readers have received different versions of the survey presenting other possibilities, or would like to share their opinions on these possibilities, please do so in the comments.



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