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Hungary: King Louis the Great Featured on New Gold Coin

The National Bank of Hungary have launched (13th August) a new gold coin which pays tribute to 1 of Hungary’s much more notable Kings from their medieval past. The coin is the second situation of the series “Gold Florins of Medieval Hungary”.

Lajos (Louis) the Excellent (1326-1382) son of Charles I from the Italian branch of the house of Anjou and Elizabeth Piast of Poland, was crowned king of Hungary on the 21st July 1342 in Székesfehérvár at the age of 16. He inherited a politically steady, economically balanced realm, along with a rich treasury. As a result, the Kingdom of Hungary grew to be a truly excellent power beneath his reign, in the region of Central Europe and beyond. Louis I essentially followed his father’s economic and economic policies, but at the same time he introduced a quantity of adjustments. His reforms were most visible in the field of financial administration, but his name is especially linked with the creation of the golden florin and its particular Hungarian appearance.

The minting of gold coins started in Hungary in 1325. At first, the coins appearance and normal have been modeled on Florentine patterns – thus the name of the florin coin. From the 1350’s – the traditional standards of the coins had been intentionally transformed during a number of problems. The initial gold coins issued by Louis I were identical in look to the florin gold coins issued by his father. The obverse featured a Florentine fleur-de-lis, with a depiction of St. John the Baptist on the reverse. In the second situation, the fleur-de-lis on the obverse was replaced by a crest or shield containing the arms of Hungary and the home of Anjou inside a hexafoil, hence uniting the arms of the country (Hungarian stripes) and the royal house (fleurs-de-lis). The obverse of the coin departed from the Florentine pattern, even though the reverse nonetheless featured St. John the Baptist.

Gold Florin

The new coin, struck by the Mint of Hungary in Budapest is created by artist E. Tamás Soltra and depicts a lozenge shaped shield inside a hexafoil decorated with Anjou-lilies and the coin’s face worth of 50,000 Forint. The primary design and style is surrounded with the text “MAGYARORSZAG” and the year of concern “2013” just below. The reverse involves a recreation of the golden florin of Louis I bearing the St. Ladislaus motif. The text “I. LAJOS 1342-1382” is observed above the major design with the text “ARANY FORINTJA” (golden Forint) just beneath the coin’s depiction.





Top quality


50,000 Forint

.986 gold

3.49 grams

20 mm.


3000 pieces

50,000 Forint

.986 gold

13.94 grams

20 mm.


500 pieces


The coins will be officially released on the 17th August. A unique double-piedfort is also getting struck with a really limited mintage of just 500 pieces. The piedfort version bears the legend “+LODOVICI ∙ DEI ∙ GRATIA ∙ REGIS ∙ UNGARIAE” on the edge. For much more data on these and other coins issued by the National Bank of Hungary, polease check out the website of the Mint of Hungary at: Info provided in each Hungarian and English – international orders fulfilled.

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