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2013 Reverse Proof American Gold Buffalo Coin

Nowadays, August 8, 2013 at 12:00 Noon ET, the United States Mint will commence sales for the 2013 Reverse Proof American Gold Buffalo. This coin is becoming issued to mark the 100th anniversary of James Earle Fraser&#8217s classic design.

2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo

The obverse of the coin attributes a profile portrait of a Native American based on a composite of three actual life models. The reverse depicts an American Bison or &#8220buffalo&#8221 which is believed to have been modeled following Black Diamond of the Central Park Zoo. This style was used for the Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel issued for circulation from 1913 to 1938. With the series representing a preferred amongst collectors, the style was reused for the 2001 American Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar. In 2006, the design and style was also chosen for the ongoing 24 karat American Gold Buffalo bullion and collector coin series.

Earlier this year, the US Mint issued the standard 1 ounce bullion version of the 2013 Gold Buffalo. This was followed on Might 23, 2013 by the standard a single ounce proof coin, which characteristics a frosted design against mirrored background fields. The one ounce reverse proof version provided nowadays characteristics the opposite of the standard proof finish, with mirrored style components against frosted background fields.

The 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo is becoming offered for the duration of a 4 week ordering window from August eight, 2013 till September five, 2013 at 5:00 PM ET. There is no mintage limit and no household ordering limit established, rather production will be based on client demand in the course of the specified ordering window. The US Mint has utilised an ordering window rather than distinct mintage limit for other current special products.

The initial value for the offering is $ 1,640 based on a weekly typical gold price tag in the $ 1,250 to $ 1,299.99 variety. The cost may vary weekly throughout the period of availability primarily based on fluctuations in the market cost of gold.

For previous offerings which utilized an ordering window, the US Mint has posted a sales odometer on the product page, which has been updated every weekday with an estimated sales total. I have not observed any confirmation on whether or not the US Mint will use a equivalent sales counter for the existing supplying, but it seems probably. If not, weekly updates would be accessible by means of the normal reporting.

History and Considerations

Anticipation for this offering has been constructing for some time. Collectors had been first made aware of the possibility of an American Buffalo Coin with a reverse proof finish from a survey distributed in late 2012. The offering was officially confirmed in Might 2013, with an actual instance of the coin displayed at the ANA National Income Show. The final details had been announced in mid-July.

This will represent only the second reverse proof gold coin supplied by the US Mint, after the reverse proof American Gold Eagle released in 2006 as part of a restricted mintage 20th anniversary set.

This will also be only the second year that the Mint has presented extra numismatic versions of the American Gold Buffalo beyond the standard a single ounce proof coin. In 2008, offerings have been vastly expanded with the addition of fractional weight proof coins as effectively as 1 ounce and fractional collectible uncirculated coins. The expanded offerings have been canceled soon after only the single year of concern.

Reverse Proof Close Up

Reverse Proof Close Up

The 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo must get pleasure from a strong pace of orders due to its status as a special problem of a well-known series. I anticipate that demand would simply surpass that of the normal 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo, which has reached sales of 12,297 as of the newest sales report.

As mentioned in the previous, it seems feasible that the offering of the specific reverse proof coin could cannibalize some demand from the standard proof version of the coin. Some collectors who can only budget for a single of the coins could opt for the special situation rather than the regular. The selection may be swayed even more by the truth that each coins carry identical pricing. If sales for the typical 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo are weakened by a considerable amount, this could set up for the possibility of a sleeper hit down the road.

This is not to say that there is not also future potential for the 2013 Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo. Both supply and demand play a function in the secondary industry costs for coins. Regardless of the  most likely higher mintage of reverse proof coins, the problem need to command elevated market place demand as a particular issue, especially if the reverse proof finish is not repeated in future years of the series.

Hunting towards the weeks ahead, it appears likely that the use of the 4 week ordering window will put sales on the exact same sort of roller coaster ride noticed for other offerings. There will most most likely be a flurry of orders for the duration of the initial hours of availability, with the hopes that the orders placed the earliest will ship the earliest. This would be followed by a retrenchment in the pace of orders to slower but stable demand for a lot of the ordering window until a spike in demand for the duration of the final couple of days of availability. It is achievable that the Gold Buffalo could also see some spikes in ordering related to pricing, which may possibly be adjusted as frequently as weekly in response to changes in the average market cost of gold.

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