Garrett AT PRO One Month of Digging .lots of silver coins and my oldest coin ever ! | Silver Coins

Garrett AT PRO One Month of Digging .lots of silver coins and my oldest coin ever !

take a look at what I have found in one month’s time.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Garrett AT PRO One Month of Digging .lots of silver coins and my oldest coin ever !

  1. Slick Diggs says:

    Very nice finds! Subbed Ya HH

  2. mitarmusic says:


  3. Silver Prepper says:

    Dang I wish I lived in an older area! That is a HAUL! i am impressed. I am lucky if I get a silver coin a month! Subd ya, nice videos!

  4. horseman528 says:

    I found 4 silver dimes in one hole. I like the Leche digger especially the serrated edge that allows you to cut through roots. Best find was an Australian silver Florine coin and I don’t even live in Australia. How it got to Texas, I don’t know. I own an AT Pro and don’t live too far from the Garrett factory so I can just take it in if anything goes wrong. So far I haven’t need to. You’ve got some impressive finds. HH.

  5. gregdiggermxt says:

    Nice finds! I subbed HH

  6. conor0044 says:

    How many silvers have I found in one month? If im lucky 3 or 4 LOL, then again when I do find a silver it tends to be old…

  7. conor0044 says:

    Nice finds, lots of silver!! GL&HH in the future

  8. qkdraw0331 says:

    Very nice finds. I been using that same hand shovel all year,never have had a problem w/it so far. Wore out the grip,but it’s nice .GL on your future hunts. qkdraw

  9. RavenSeventy8 says:

    Great job!

  10. Robert Bolgar says:

    I say stick with the shovel… Maybe save for a sampson T handle or something. I got one off ebay last week for $50 and it slices through our alabama dirt like butter (hard-crusty-butter).

  11. wiki1979able says:

    thanks for commenting .5×8 coil everyone wants it lol ..its funny everyone with a small coin wants a big coil and everyone big coil wants a small one lol …I thin the first thing im going to buy is a better pinpointer then a better digging tool then a small coil .. the small coil is on my list .i hope i can get it used cheap

  12. 2005fiddler/Dign-nbama says:

    Garrett is a good company to deal with, family owned and operated,, congrats on a superb collection of finds in such a short time,, can not say enough good things about the AT Pro.. when you get enough clad coinage buy the 5×8 coil try it in a trashy area you’ll be pleased….

  13. MetalDetectorMatt68 says:

    Fantastic hunt. I bring my big shovel and my little digger on every hunt. I must say the big one gets left in the truck most of the time. HH!!!

  14. Stealthdiggers says:

    That is a great haul for one month ! Good for you man and the video looked great.

  15. DigitalDon10 says:

    Man! I haven’t found nothing compared to you in the two months I’ve had my AT Pro! Where are you located? Where ever it is it has to be better hunting than here in Oregon!

  16. LACSMOB says:

    Awesome silver.
    I wish I had more places to hunt. I have the silver fever:D

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