How to get junk silver coins 2 of 2 | Silver Coins

How to get junk silver coins 2 of 2

http://Goldstandard.TV 1 dime junk silver coin 90 percent 2.5 grams worth of 1 dollar in case of 15 dollar Silver Spot( Spot price per Troy Ounce)

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25 Responses to How to get junk silver coins 2 of 2

  1. SwedKarr says:

    Ohh my!! I gotta do this!! I found 2 silver coins in my pocket.. I always see them… I’m Canadian.. I’m from a small community.. It keeps circulating.

  2. Phoenix Picker says:

    They are hard to find. I go to my local bank in the US and get $200 worth of dimes at a time. Out of my last 2 trips ($400 worth), I only pulled out 2 dimes.

  3. hamproduce says:

    i did this all day found nothing

  4. hamproduce says:


  5. Mr20dollarbill says:

    Only pre 1965 coins are silver. After that is not silver

  6. Gendo3s2k says:

    I’m a manager at a resturant, and spent a week checking every quarter/dime that comes in
    haven’t found one yet…


    i know it’s kinda late but the silver dollar was last minted in 1935…

  8. Nick Bird says:

    how much are Franklen and JFK half dollors that are silver? plz answer asap

  9. CoinSearchingSilver says:

    Make your money work for you today…. Get .5 oz silver everyday for less than spot!!!

  10. RackNFire says:

    Ahjashi, 1965-1970 has 40% silver too and has value.
    Keep searching. Sugo haseyo!


  11. bc5620 says:

    nice video! I have some too ..please check out my vids and my blog ! thanks

  12. TheGamblingApocalyps says:

    I found 3 silver dimes in a handful of about 30 of them

    Guess I got lucky.

  13. tcorourke2007 says:


    Highest prices around. Go to Apmex, or do your own research.

  14. skaterboy17901 says:

    you are sadly mistaken only dimes and quarters and halves have silver pre 1964

  15. galacticinquisitor says:

    nickels had silver all the way until 64..

  16. galacticinquisitor says:

    @eyewarnedyou Careful on the 82 pennies.. they made both types that year.

  17. blabblab1212 says:

    “Hey, I foun siver koin too. It was stuk to mi fry rice. I put in U.S. Bank with other siver koins. Me luv u long time.”

  18. airsoftgunsandknives says:

    @eyewarnedyou I save my pre 83 pennies too. I bought a box of dimes and got two pre ’64 dimes. I’m going to trade it in for another box monday.

  19. skaterboy17901 says:

    1942-1945 were the dates that nickels had silver. they have 35% silver i believe.

  20. SilverHedgeInvest says:

    I like it!!! Stop searching through bank rolls. Keep stacking Silver Dimes!!!!

  21. swspls1040 says:

    Smart people can make a lot of money finding scrap silver in all sorts of electrical and mechanical scrap and junk. The program SCRAP4TREASURE tells you all about how to make extra money this way.

  22. xXAllThatRemainsxXx says:

    what about a 1964 nickel

  23. holidayhouse03 says:

    prices are generally +/- 5% of the melt value, usually more +.

    there are some auctions that go higher…but none that i win…5% over spot is my limit.

    however, what he is doing works real well with pre 1982 copper pennies. out of a $25 box you can generally get 25% in copper. Selling them is another matter. With the melt ban the only place to sell them is ebay, maybe craigslist and a few sites devoted to pennies. I’ve seen $50 in face sell for close to $100 including shipping

  24. iGradeMS70 says:

    me china man. (>_<) rawr. "junk siver koin, yu buy" "yu hav much coin like mi"

  25. Alucard106 says:

    Prices are crazy on ebay .

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