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ANA works on website


ana200Moving forward with improvements to the American Numismatic Association web site was the most crucial and most pricey action taken by the outgoing board of governors at its last public meeting Aug. 16 throughout the organization’s World’s Fair of Funds in Rosemont, Ill.

The board awarded $ 625,000 in contracts after getting assured by treasurer Larry Baber that the income was there.

“I’m totally in favor of this. It will create some money for us. We don’t know how a lot. ANA is healthful and sturdy,” Baber said.

At an additional point he said, “This sum is two years’ of investment development. We have the potential to fund this. I’m not proposing we sell Ben E. Keith stock. We have other sources we can use.”

Although ANA may presently be sturdy financially, during the discussion it was pointed out that ANA membership has fallen by 20 percent in the final four years to under 25,000.

This was 1 of the troubles that it was hoped the new website would address.

Riser Media was awarded a $ 375,000 contract to construct the net platform with capabilities that ANA wants.

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Euclid Business was awarded a $ 250,000 contract for the association management computer software that would be utilized by the site and the ANA staff.

The motion for both passed 9-, even though incoming governor Laura Sperber, who did not take office until that evening, mentioned, “I’m totally appalled at the cost &#8230 It has no sizzle. Negative deal. Bad job.”

The work is to be completed in one particular year.

None of the governors went into it with rose colored glasses. Outgoing Gov. Wendell Wolka perhaps best summarized the present website when he stated, “There are several lights out on the marquee” and “There is no viable option.”

Outgoing governor Clifford Mishler pointed out that he expected the project to take longer and price more than what they were getting promised here, but that is the nature of this type of project.

Gov. Greg Lyon pointed out the threat the ANA is at the moment operating with its internet site. It is hosted at ANA headquarters. It is not fail-protected.

Amongst the features of the new internet site, “games could be wildly well-liked with members. They would execute tasks and earn virtual coins,” stated Clay Goforth, formerly of Amos Digital, who was involved in the choice procedure.

The new site also will have the capability to host e-understanding videos and host social media where each and every member could have their own profile web page, blogs and forums.

There can be a virtual collection gallery, comprehensive dealer and membership directories, a crowd-sourced “coinipedia,” a library catalog and digital copies of the books, podcasts and other educational on the web presentations, live occasion streaming, classified advertisements and interactive capability so dealers can pick their booths in an on the internet process.

In other company, the nomination procedure for the ANA Hall of Fame was modified so that only 3 members of the council would be needed to pass a nomination on to the electoral panel.

There was some discussion of extending board member terms from two years to three, but no decision was created.

The Chicago Coin Club was selected to be next year’s host club and William Burd was named host chairman.

An organizational meeting of the new board was held Aug. 17.

New President Walter Ostromecki got factors going by providing a Presidential Award to national volunteer Larry Gaye.

Initial presidential appointments were authorized, including Mark Lighterman as parliamentarian to support the board move its deliberations along.

Young Numismatist Cole Schenewerk was place on the board as a non-voting intern position.

Public board teleconference dates were set for Dec. 10, 2013, April eight, June ten and Oct. 14, 2014, at two p.m. Mountain Time.

A board retreat and development meeting was set for Oct. 21-22 at headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo.

There will be no board meeting at the Florida United Numismatists convention in January.



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