2013 Somalia Elephant 1 Oz Silver coin – African Wildlife 100 Shillings | Silver Coins

2013 Somalia Elephant 1 Oz Silver coin – African Wildlife 100 Shillings

2013 Somalia Elephant 1 Oz Silver – African Wildlife 100 Shillings Description: Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated Denomination: 100 Shillings Diameter: 39 mm Thi…
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19 Responses to 2013 Somalia Elephant 1 Oz Silver coin – African Wildlife 100 Shillings

  1. Silvercoinsshow says:

    I sent you PM

  2. Themassofmenlead says:

    Actually, i just checked my order and I paid $22.30 each. I got some Takus at the same time for $22.55 each. I love both coins. And this was the credit card price at Gainesville Coins. I got them right at the recent low a few weeks back. Gainesville owed me a free shipping, so I did not even have to pay shipping. I have not seen the high relief coin. I tend to focus on the basic bullion. I bet they are nice though. Do you know the mintage of the 2013 elephant ( the ones we bought)?

  3. Silvercoinsshow says:

    These coins are beautiful and you said you got 20 for $22.50.wow.. When this coin was released (in October 2012) I would never imagine I am going to see this coin priced for less then Silver Eagles.BTW Did you see the same design (2013 Elephant) but in high relief with the limit of 1000?

  4. Themassofmenlead says:

    just got 20 for $22.50 each. Beautiful coin.

  5. p154831 says:

    $24 now.. dang

  6. Silvercoinsshow says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. OnSafari247 says:

    APMEX has them now for like $ 32.

  8. swansea007791 says:

    It’s a nice coin but seems a little soulless somehow (like Armenian Noah’s Ark)

  9. mikedoles says:

    any info on mintage?

  10. Silvercoinsshow says:

    I bought this coin at ebay. You can also get them from ModernCoinMart(dot)com for$40+

  11. bowserpatton says:

    Where can i get one?

  12. silverfish VT says:

    Beautiful, I will be getting some of these

  13. Silvercoinsshow says:

    I really like this African Wildlife ,Somalian coins. The quality of these coins is amazing. I have only 2011, 2012 and this 2013. In the description box I posted a link to forum where somebody is showing all designs 1999-2012. I would say 2009 is my favorite so far. Please check this link and let me know which design you like the most.

  14. Irishsilverstack says:

    wow, unreal!

  15. Rationalific says:

    Nice!  Thanks for sharing it!

  16. George Washington says:

    beautiful coin

  17. lanceoa says:

    gorgeous.. i gotta get me one!

  18. coins rus says:

    Very very nice

  19. IrixGuy says:

    Vey nice! I like all of the elephants on the 2013! Thanks for sharing

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