Awesome Sterling Silver Garage Sale Finds! Silver Coins Galore #13 (Part 2) | Silver Coins

Awesome Sterling Silver Garage Sale Finds! Silver Coins Galore #13 (Part 2)

This is a video detailing my picking at “garage sales” “estate sales” tag sales” and “yard sales.” Early October 2012 (Sneak Preview (part 2): American Coins…
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19 Responses to Awesome Sterling Silver Garage Sale Finds! Silver Coins Galore #13 (Part 2)

  1. Kyle Best says:

    why do u call it a “haul”?

  2. Silverpicker says:

    A ton. For every good find, i probably go to 15-20 sales.

  3. TheRjspeed690 says:

    How many garage sales do u go to to find a haul like that?

  4. DetroitLove4U says:

    You really got a solid deal on those coins!

  5. Silverpicker says:

    Thanks! I don’t usually sell my older coins. Just newer ones and commemoratives. I also try to buy whole collections wholesale. rarely buy anything retail. Thanks though! If you see stuff you want in my videos it never hurts to pm me with an offer!

  6. dave whittington says:

    mint video in England you don`t get anywhere near them deals or prices. Would like to make a friend buy and sell of you if your interested, cus there maybe stuff over here you want so works both ways,. my email is

  7. Silverpicker says:

    Generally I do not ship internationally through eBay, but if there is something you see in my vids that you want to buy, I’d be happy to ship it worldwide!

  8. sdesic says:

    Thank you, I’ll be watching that Ebay acc. 🙂
    Do you sell Internationally ?
    I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  9. Silverpicker says:

    Thanks! There’s a link to my ebay in the description of each of my videos. Right now there’s nothing up, but there will be shortly!

  10. sdesic says:

    Cool channel man, I was only watching up to now.
    Good picking 🙂
    What is your ebay username I woul’d like to see some stuff you sell ?

  11. xxjose95 says:

    How much would u sell the quarters?

  12. Thrift Hunter says:

    Great finds in both videos, thanks for sharing.

  13. coins rus says:

    this weekend i am checking craigslist checking for garage sales with coins then hit the sales road

  14. MultiMike747 says:

    wow! i wish i was that lucky! 

  15. johnnieace45 says:

    nice finds I never see that at yards ales

  16. wolfcookieo9 says:

    so do you melt your silver down into ingots?

  17. beachbumsocal says:

    😉 hehe sweeeet!

  18. silverman1941 says:

    nice finds

  19. Tom The English Picker says:

    You got a good deal on the coins. Is the 1891 a philli strike? EP

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