999 silver bullion coins for UK, Europe and Canada | Silver Coins

999 silver bullion coins for UK, Europe and Canada

for quotes on 999 silver coins please e-mail c77anada@hotmail dot com.

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10 Responses to 999 silver bullion coins for UK, Europe and Canada

  1. Alexiscom1 says:

    I see silver seller are changing on e-bay over time. Very few are staying for long term. 

  2. madbob73 says:

    I’m in the UK too, and have often been interested in your service. Having watched your videos I believe you are totally honest but with buying 13oz at a time, and sending via gift on paypal there is little comeback for the buyer if the items are lost in transit.

  3. ScorpXM says:

    I sold few silver bullions on Ebay. Lost money due to high fees and bs.

  4. k1000o73 says:

    If it’s really your business to buy and sell it seems o.k. If you are trying to get this last 10 % TO 20 % seems very dangerous strategy. Keep your core position.

  5. Alexiscom1 says:

    Lets say I sell 200 OZ at average price 37$ , I will buy 210 OZ at 34$.

  6. k1000o73 says:

    So you are going to sell all your stack, hopping to re-buy it at low price? Doesn’t it contradict all that you were talking these last years

  7. eflip1 says:

    is it wrong to feel hungry when I look at silver?

  8. bangonitdave says:

    i can also recommend Alexiscom1 very good service i am uk buyer and received my order safe and sound

  9. silverandgoldfan says:

    Adding insurance to the package is a good way to avoid those who get it but say they didnt. It gives you a tracking number and the buyer has to sign. it usually costs under $2. In the listing you can add in the description that insurance is optional and if not used you are not responsible for lost item ext. It helps get some buyers to pay for it but even when they dont its still worth to get it so there is no problems in the long run. But yeah the fee’s are brutal but still better then dealers.

  10. brandkow93 says:

    Highly reccomended for buyers in the UK.

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