2010 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Gold Gilded Coin | Silver Coins

2010 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Gold Gilded Coin

Specifications. Metal: .999 Silver Gold Gilded Denomination: Finish: Proof Weight: 1Troy oz Diameter: 40mm Edge: Milled Mintage: 5000 Country of Issue Fi…

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10 Responses to 2010 Fiji Taku 1 oz Silver Gold Gilded Coin

  1. ricochetVendetta says:

    I threw out the coin, kept the box

  2. Silvercoinsshow says:

    I have some proof coins and series of coins in my collection, that I prefer to keep in album or in trays so I can display all of them together… but I always keep boxes. As a numismatic coin like this one I would suggest you to keep this box as well.

  3. malthus101 says:

    Think if I threw the box out it would lower the coins value? I just like the coin in its capsule, it’s beautiful enough without the gaudy box!

  4. Uglyplay3r says:

    cool box… love it

  5. OnSafari247 says:

    I got one…..the box is just as cool as the coin

  6. mikedoles says:

    i have this coin and love it, but i hate the case, a regular flip top case would be better, its such a bitch to deal with..

  7. teacherjcarlos says:

    Wow nice coin and nice case also!!!
    Congrats my friend, I love your coin videos!!!

  8. ihatemadmoe says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful coin

  9. RGVPrisoner says:

    I agree with melon. I only wish I could access from the IPad. It says you don’t allow playback from mobiles. Have to fire up the desktop.

  10. melonsmash3r says:

    how in the world do you only have 46 subscribers? you literally have some of the best coins on youtube and the best quality and video! your video shows that you actually take the time to share with us! thank you so much because i really appreciate your time for showing us, keep up the good work because im really jealous of the coins you get haha! btw awesome coin you got there thanks again!

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