VAT-free silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia | Silver Coins

VAT-free silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia

Visit us at: Liberty Silver OÜ offers silver coins like Silver Eagles, Silver Maples and Silver Philharmonics. The advantage wit…
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7 Responses to VAT-free silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia

  1. Thomas Madern says:

    Yes, Estonia is in the EU, therefore you pay that country’s VAT rate, BUT each company in the EU has a quota for selling to each country. When that quota is reached, they should tell you and you’ll have to pay your normal VAT.
    So it’s perfectly legal for you to order from the UK with no additional tax to pay.

    Despite the lack of VAT in Estonia, I find the prices here are not as good as many German companies!

    Best are in Germany or Switzerland.

  2. AndreHaugaard says:

    Has anyone had any silver delivered from them?

  3. sickasadolfin says:

    Researched this with uk customs and it appears no vat is due if it is brought into the UK as Estonia is in the EU……..but this supplier is charging 15.33% above silver spot price. Cheaper to buy in Germany at 7% tax with only 3% above spot price.
    Yes it may be cheap tax but on an expensive price strategy.

  4. Joakim Andersson says:

    No import duty within EU.

  5. Joakim Andersson says:

    No VAT within EU. Free movement of products.

  6. faro0485 says:

    For UK and other buyers, they still face an import duty right?

  7. Rcaf says:

    Has anyone bought from celtic gold or liberty in estonia and had delivered ok?

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