Metal Detecting Roman Silver Coins | Silver Coins

Metal Detecting Roman Silver Coins

Metal Detecting Roman Silver Coins

I finally find a gap in the weather and get metal detecting for the first time this year and find some amazing Roman silver coins along with other interesting artefacts.

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49 Responses to Metal Detecting Roman Silver Coins

  1. The Revster says:

    I would love too find one Dan well done mate.

  2. Alfie Lawton says:

    Would you consider selling that beautiful Coin

  3. YsabetJustYsabet says:

    Pretty sure your aluminum cone is a walking-stick point; I have a stick from Germany that’s shod just that same way.

  4. Jason Basson says:

    Supergreat! Roman and Celtic coins are the top class finds in the coins range!

  5. Tyler 3518 says:


  6. Andy Web says:

    The piece of porcelain with "semi" on it is from a victorian Viagra jar.

  7. The Revster says:

    Yep oxidising Dan

  8. Quinn Monnier says:

    yes they are a type of fungi called cup fungus and no not edible

  9. Sharon Leader Fam says:

    nice roman coin.

  10. cw ferguson says:

    steady on, you’ll find a bucket of gold soon

  11. usakindatheart flower says:

    your friends looks like a border collie dig whistle

  12. brandon whitson says:

    Amazing finds dan, what is a rough estimate on the value of one of these, has to be worth a nice bit

  13. Corey Davidson says:

    Congrats on especially that GREAT condition Roman Silver coin!!!!!!!!!

  14. empat says:

    That bell has oxidized that’s why it was in worse shape. You should put these metals into a wet tissue until you gave it to the museums for further restorations.

    -An archaeologist.

  15. Metal Detective says:

    3:35 most likely a hair clip

  16. Callum God says:

    I had a crotel bell exactly like that but mine was patina coloured. Lovely things r crotel bells.
    It is old by the way and they mainly come from the West Midlands

  17. Metal DetectingUSA says:

    It is a printing plate for a "w"

  18. Aaron I says:

    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John? You’ve got the personnel there for a dig of ‘biblical’ proportions… 😉

  19. Themaki12 says:

    2:55 It’s a piece of mortar bomb 🙂

  20. MARTIN OGLE says:

    Hi Dan,

    That capbadge is Royal Artillery, the moto is Ubique Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt (Everywhere where right and glory lead)…my old regiment.

    Great vid and some cracking finds.

    Martin 🙂

  21. Carolyn B says:

    Live, Laugh, Love! I have that tattooed on my back! Awesome!

  22. Jesse says:

    I think it is a ax head with the front broke off

  23. inevetabledecline says:

    That first roman coin is fucking amazing! They’re both great, but that first one is beautiful. Great finds man.

  24. s Buzz says:

    sounds like your with the apostles? great intro

  25. xDanoss318x says:

    Its a "W". W for Wambo

  26. FLuffee Boy says:

    That was a savage move Dan with the friends/gold thing…

  27. Orion Riedel says:

    I want to move somewhere in asia just because i want to metal detect haha

  28. Donna Parker says:

    Beautifully put together! Love the music. Great Finds!!!!!

  29. fba90130 says:

    Silver Trajan (AD 98-117) Denarius.

  30. Rhys Canavan says:

    The cap badge is Royal Regiment of Artillery from a officers cap. The motto is QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT which means Where right and glory leads. This is the regiment I was cap badged as a cadet 🙂

  31. mitchell sprite says:

    anyone else realize he is digging with the deciples

  32. The Revster says:

    Still nice Dan

  33. Colton Sears says:


  34. Hipster Yoda ™ says:

    My god Dan bag older finds before they oxidise!!! I was literally screaming at the monitor when the crotal bell deteriorated like that.

  35. Sharon Leader Fam says:

    was it an ax head.

  36. Niall Bailey says:

    them mushrooms are called ‘jews ears’ , a bit politically incorrect but thats what i have always known them as lol

  37. vesteel says:

    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John XD
    God is trying to tell you something lol

  38. Arduous Ant says:

    This is an awesome video 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  39. para trooper says:

    big thick coin is a "cartwheel" two pence .

  40. siekry1968 says:

    Caman. GetIn 🙂

  41. sally zhang says:

    really interesting. Let me think of fishing a worm using a straw in the grass when in childhood.

  42. michael plesniak says:

    The lead W you found is type to a printing press.

  43. The Revster says:

    My cousin found one Dan with wheels on it.

  44. FiveCurmudgeon9 says:

    23:04 could be a hatchet! 😀

  45. Metal DetectingUSA says:

    I think The aluminum thing is an old pull tap

  46. scaperist says:

    Dan, the mushrooms you found are Peziza species. They aren’t that rare, some of them are even edible.

  47. muchomusiclibre says:

    English in reverse sounds just like German. So that’s how they made it.

  48. STEVE'S BOOKS says:

    Dan you are so lucky!! I live in Bobcaygeon Ontario Canada, The damn place wasn’t even settled until 1840 or so. I’d love to metal detect in your neck of the woods. Its so full of history…. fascinating ………. Steve

  49. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus says:

    Did people back then just lob coins around

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